Flashback Friday--Curiosity Stinks


You guys.
Tomorrow I will be in Kansas City running my second half marathon.
So...when I get back, can I put a 26.2 sticker on my car? Two half marathons = a full?
Maybe not. 

Anyhoo, moving on.
This week's flashback is a picture I put in my wedding slideshow.

But it's definitely a picture that needs its own space on my blog.


Because in this picture, I'm smelling my feet.

That's why.

Hey, sometimes you just gotta know if what you're smelling is you or your little brother.
Either that or I'm demonstrating my flexibility.

You decide. 

Lauren said...

hahaha I can remember doing the same thing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this. you're a chubster. and that rocks.


PS you're going to see ME before you see this comment! yeah!!

PPS I sort of want a 13.1 sticker now. I feel like three qualifies me for such. I am considering it and WILL consider until you get in town and we go to the expo. YAY!

Heidi said...

Ha! Put those stinky feets to good use and run like the wind!

Amanda said...

Audra, I DID see you before I saw this comment. Thanks for commenting anyway :)

Also, good call on the sticker. Now put it somewhere!
Yay for half marathons!

Heidi, I tried too :)