No Subject


This weekend I'm heading to Kansas City for half marathon #2. I honestly can't believe I would ever say I was running my second half marathon. It's awesome, and I fully support everyone running one at least once just to be able to say they did it.

On Saturday morning, as the last part of my training, I woke up at 7:30 and ran 10 miles. I had to wake up that early, because I had to be done in time to shower and get over to my in-laws' house for the 11:00 start of the Texas/OU game. College football is a huge deal down here...yet another thing I can't believe I'm into.

The run went pretty well, actually, besides me getting bored during the last half and worrying the entire time that my foot would start bleeding again and ruin my new socks. It didn't, thank goodness. And despite a few miles where I wanted to stop and go home, I ended the run almost exactly on my usual ten-min/mile pace--1:39:47. 

For my next race, I want to be faster.

The next day (Sunday), my mom came and visited me. She got stuck in the college football traffic that was coming back to Oklahoma City, so the three-hour drive took her almost four and a half, and it was raining the entire time and there were accidents everywhere, and I felt bad for her.

But she made it, and we went on a date--dinner and a movie. Except we did it backwards and had movie and dinner, so it was almost 10:00 by the time we ate, and I'm pretty sure there's been a study done that greasy eggrolls and burgers aren't good for you past 7, especially considering the large bag of movie theater popcorn we'd inhaled just an hour or two earlier. So really this is just the beginning of the end for me. At least you can say you knew me when I was skinny.

Jordan was in bed before me, because I stayed up late talking to my mom, and then the next day we hung out and went for lunch. And my mom insisted on paying for everything even though I offered. She's nice like that. 

So what's the point of all this? Well, the point is that I brought my camera with me everywhere but forgot to take any pictures. So this blog post is necessary, lest I forget it ever happened. Which I don't want to, obviously, because spending time with my mom has been one of the highlights of October.

Also, here are a few things coming soon (in my life and on this blog):

--Book review for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (I'm just a few chapters from the end!)
--Pictures of my most recent only craft project (spray paint is involved, so obviously it's legit)
--My goals for the remainder of 2011