A Pig Trophy


On Sunday, I played tennis for 6 hours in the annual Oklahoma City Tennis Association Pig Tournament. It was hot (yes, in October), and I got sunburned. And the next day I was super sore.

But it was totally worth it. 

Because my hard work earned me this:

Third place!
This is the only trophy I've ever won. 
I've gotten plaques and medals, but never a trophy. 
So of course I was pumped.

Note: the trophy says 8 [point] 0, not 80. 
Last night Jordan said, "Ha! It looks like it says 80 and up, like you're playing with 80-year-olds."
So, just to clarify, no, I wasn't playing in the 80+ group. I don't think I'd be as excited about getting 3rd place if that were the case. It's 8.0, which was the highest-ranked group.

Anyway, to conclude, obviously I'm awesome. 
And now I have an awesome trophy to prove it.


  1. OK, I totally thought it said 80 and up as well. And you really are awesome, because I don't think I would do ANYTHING for 6 hours straight. But then again, if the prize was an anatomically correct pig trophy, it just might be game on.

  2. Thanks for the 8.0 clarification. I was also thinking 80-year-olds and was getting ready to chide you on gchat for letting your competitive streak get the best of you and push around old people on the courts. So, I'm glad I don't have to do that now. :)

    Also...your pig trophy has a pig penis. Is that really necessary, Trophy Designer??


  3. Audra, I have no idea why there's a pig penis. hahaha. Also, apparently it was a super good thing I clarified the 8.0 thing! No, I am not in the habit of beating up 80-year-olds. Unless they deserve it :)


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