Flashback Friday--Princess Meets Secret Agent (The Halloween Edition)


This is one of my top-three favorite Halloween pictures. 

This is my good friend Alison and I circa 1997. Sixth grade, I believe. She's some sort of agent person, and I'm wearing the princess costume my aunt made me when I was in elementary school. The original dress was so big that we hemmed it probably half a foot, and I wore it for the next four or five years in a row. The year I finally realized I was too big for it was a dark day.

This was back when short hair worked for me. 
And I hadn't yet realized how terrible I look in red.
Ah, youth. 
Heidi said...

Umm, yeah, youth for sure. Did I just read that you were in SIXTH grade in 1997? Because I had know idea I was actually 70-years-old until just now. Excuse me deary, I need to go take my high blood pressure meds. :)

PS: you all are cute as heck!