Flashback Friday--A Story about Shoes


I have a thing about Pumas. 
Not the animal. That would be weird.
The shoes. 

When I was a sophomore in high school, I wanted a very distinct kind of shoe. As I write this, I realize it's a bit strange that I can so clearly recall this specific time in my life. I think the reason is because it's the only time that I've ever hunted for a particular type of shoe and been so clear and unwavering about my preference. 

What I wanted was a pair of electric-blue Pumas. 

I don't remember where I'd originally seen them, but obviously I had to have seen them somewhere on someone to know they existed. I remember going to athletic footwear store after store to discover a wall full of Pumas...none of them blue.

My mom questioned my sanity. 
"Are you sure you've seen a pair of blue pumas? You know they exist?"
"Yes, Mom, I know. I've seen them. I want them. We must press on."

I actually doubt I said anything like "we must press on." But you get the point.
What I don't specifically remember is where we ended up finding the blue Pumas. But find them we did, and I gave the sky a triumphant fist pump.

It cost me something in the area of sixty dollars to bring them home with me. But I'm still wearing them almost ten years later, so I think it was worth it. They're broken and dirty and old, but they're still just as awesome. 

And I don't know that I've seen a blue pair of Pumas since, which I guess means I'd put them in the mysterious category with the likes of the unicorn and the yeti.

{And check out the tennis shoe charm I hooked on my left shoe many years ago. I don't know where I got the charm or whether you can even buy shoe charms anymore, but I totally love it.}

Caitlin said...

OH MY GOSH I had those shoes!!! And they looked exactly like that-- with the blue peeling away and everything! Lauren was so right about us. :) Sadly, I gave mine away in one of my "I need to get rid of half of my clothes" streaks. Reading this post, I missed them. Hopefully somewhere out there is someone enjoying my old pair as much as you enjoy yours.

Heidi said...

I felt the same way about my Adidas slides. I got them my junior year of high school and wore them through college, post-college, first pregnancy, second pregnancy, almost third pregnancy, until my husband bought me a new pair. I still have the old pair under the bed. Some things you just keep. :)

Amy Nielson said...

i love them! they remind me of my electric pink & blue nikes i have now :)