A Country Wedding in West Texas


This weekend, the seven of us drove west to Amarillo for my cousin's wedding. For those of you who are new here, "the seven of us" = me, my husband (Jordan), my parents, my two brothers, and my sister.

We had a really fun time dancing and eating brisket and cake. Beyond that, honestly there isn't much to do in west Texas. It pretty much looks like this everywhere: 
As it always is when the Reese clan is together, it was a whole lot of crazy. Here are a few notable moments:

1. On the drive there we passed the largest cross in the United States...or so an old man told us at the rest stop we stopped at. The jury is still out about whether or not I believe him.
2. Also on the way there, my dad got a speeding ticket. The cop was going the other direction on the highway and turned around to come chase us. It was a tense couple of minutes where my dad unsuccessfully tried to talk him into just giving us a warning. No luck. Texas State Troopers are serious.

3. Apparently on Saturday night after the wedding, my uncle and a few cousins found themselves in the middle of an almost brawl on the hotel patio. Some lady slapped my uncle or punched him or something. I didn't get to hear the whole story. But they said the cops came. 

My dad was really sad he missed it. He spent all day Sunday telling us what he would have done had he been there. Something about how he wishes he were a ninja. I don't know.

4. My brother saw my sister using her eyelash curler and wanted to try it out. He almost lost an eye. Newsflash: it's really not a good idea to attempt to try out an eyelash curler if you: A) don't know what you're doing and B) are in a moving vehicle. 
Other than those minor hitches, everything went off just fine. It was a lovely outdoor wedding in west Texas...with some glamour shots added in. (See top right. I'm calling this Blue Steel Meets Crazy Eye.) 

Helene said...

just found your blog today. i love it. I love the pictures. I love your love story! New follower!

Head to Toe Chic said...

Sounds like an eventful trip!!! It looked like a lot of fun :)


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