Dodgin' Zombies, Gettin' Muddy, Bein' Awesome


So I survived the zombie run I told you about a while ago. 

The zombies were a gimmick for Halloween. If you registered to be a zombie, you got dressed up and had your face painted, and then you chased the runners. I was a runner being chased by said zombies.
To put it simply, it was the BEST. RUN. EVER. The only bummer was that Jordan was supposed to run with me, but he hurt his knee a few weeks ago, so my brother filled in. Jordan and my mom were rockstar cheerers/picture takers/purse holders. The only other bummer was that it was dang cold. Like, below 50 degrees. It might as well have been snowing. 
Despite being the best run ever, however, it was also an eye-opening experience about how not in shape I am. This was a 5k obstacle course. Usually, a 5k would be a very short run for me. I hate to say it, but when we first started, I was all, "We are so not walking at all." But then I started the race, and I was all, "ARE WE ALMOST FINISHED!?!" after 2 minutes while panting like a dog on a hot day even though it was 47 degrees outside.
Here's why: there were hills, it was freezing cold, and there were some really tough obstacles. The very first one involved racing up a muddy hill and then sliding down into a very large, extremely muddy hole. My shoes were coated in mud and gained 10 pounds each. Right after that we jumped over bales of hay, so our feet and legs were coated with hay and weighed even more.

(This picture was taken at the very end, after water had washed away pretty much all of the mud and hay.)
There was also this 10-foot wall we had to climb over using a rope ladder. My shoes were muddy and slippery, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it, seeing as how I have little no upper body strength. My brother helped me, kind fellow that he is. 

The other obstacle that was really tough were these 6-foot walls we had to hop over. In my brother's case, I mean he literally planted his hands on the top and hopped over the wall. Because he's tall and, you know, a boy. I, on the other hand, did a totally legit (read: very awkward) one-leg over maneuver that almost lost my leggings. (Seriously, Jordan had to pull up my leggings for me after I finished. That's true love right there.)

I also ripped my shirt on the barbed wire we crawled under, got a splinter in my left hand, three bruises on my left knee, and a large scrape on my right leg. 

Like I said, it was awesome.
The very last obstacle right before the finish was another muddy hill with another muddy hole. I like to think we dominated it.
Or...maybe the hill dominated us. Whatever. 
Basically, you should do a 5k obstacle course. It's what awesome people do. 

Oh, and I finished in 35:38. That's 13th out of every female who ran (almost 900)! Booya to me. 
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