Dear Wedding Ring,


 {i know i just posted this picture yesterday, but i just love my little oklahoma tree! did you  know this is the only tree in oklahoma to change colors? 
okay, maybe not the only one, but one of the few.}

Dear Bananas, why must you ripen so fast? I just bought you and now you're brown. What the heck?

Dear Oklahoma City Drivers, you get one skyscraper, and all of the sudden you think you're in Dallas. Not cool. Leave the crazies to Texas and Missouri. We be normal up in here. 

Dear Wedding Ring, I left you at home today on accident. Oops! I guess that means I can let all the boys flock to me when I go out for lunch at Subway today. Didn't they do a study on the Subway smell and how it makes you appear more attractive? I thought I read that somewhere. I guess we'll see.

Dear Readers, that was a joke. I don't pick up guys at Subway. Only at Whataburger.

Dear New 55-inch TV, so far you have surpassed my expectations. Your remote is a slide-up keyboard and you came with 3-D glasses. Of course, we can't use them because we can't get far enough away in our apartment, but still.

Dear Husband, your beard is at optimal scruffy cuteness. Please don't change anything. Oh, and sorry your Yankees self-destructed. Don't worry. They'll be back next year.

Dear Fantasy Football Team, so far you have redeemed yourself from the last fantasy football disaster. Let's win this thing. Reese bragging rights are worth more than gold, you know.  

Dear Readers, I have TWO giveaways in the works. Get excited. 

P.S. Dear Infinity Scarf and Favorite Necklace, I am wearing you again today. You are cute.  

Michaela said...

Found your blog on Friday's Letters! I went to OSU and was excited to see an Okie blog! Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Did you know that if you separate each banana from the bunch they don't brown as quickly?? It really works! And your wedding ring comment made me laugh. I HATE going anywhere without my engagement ring! I feel lost!

Happy Friday. :)

Found you through friday's letters!

two birds said...

seriously bananas...i don't get it. i guess you just have to make chcocolate chip banana bread now!! and be careful at subay when that man mob comes at you!!!

Katie said...

i'd wear that scarf and necklace a lot if I were you too!! have a great weekend!!

Amy said...

Stopping by from the linkup! Great letters! That scarf & necklace are adorable! I'd wear them all the time! New follower!

Have a great weekend!

anna lizbeth said...

ahaha love your letters! love the comment and subway :)

Annie said...

You are too funny...I was dying reading that dear wedding ring comment :) So what's the consensus on the Subway smell after the fact?

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