I'm weird. I like going to the dentist.


Jordan and I both went to the dentist on Wednesday. Aren't we cute having appointments on the same day or what?

When Jordan and I got married, one thing he made sure I knew (a deal breaker, if you will) was that we HAD to go to his dentist. His family has been going to see Dr. Vincent since Jordan was 10 years old. Dr. Vincent and the rest of his dental crew were (so I hear) very excited when his mom told them about this girl he was dating (ie. me).

By the time I went in (my first appointment in over three years...don't judge), Jordan and I had been married just under a year, and the receptionist, the dentist, the dental hygienist, and everyone else in the place poked their heads out of wherever they were to get a glance at me. It's the most popular I've ever been in my life. 

Then, what should have been a regular 45-minute visit turned into a TWO-HOUR ordeal where Stacy, the dental hygienist, asked me a ton of questions about myself and then went on to talk about what it was like to have 10-year-old Jordan grow up right before her eyes. Then the dentist came in and talked to me about my hobbies and my family and other random stuff I don't remember. 

Again, it was the most popular I've ever been.

I left that day feeling confused about how I felt. 
On the one hand, that was a really long appointment. Crazy long. At one point I even looked at the clock and thought, Do you people not have any other patients to see? Are there no more teeth to clean? 

On the other hand, that's what the south is all about--people chatting you up everywhere. (And yes, I consider Oklahoma south. When you're from Chicago, everything is south.) I learned that when I moved here: people talk slow and chat you up left and right. Case in point: I stopped at Panera for a muffin the other day and got an earful from the cashier about how she had found a turtle in her yard that morning; she continued to hold my muffin hostage while going on about how she put the turtle in a box and fed it mandarin oranges, because apparently turtles like mandarin oranges.

But I digress. 

Two days ago was my second appointment at Dr. Vincent's office, and it was yet again another longish affair. Among other things I don't remember, the dental hygienist and I talked about: having children, my job, Jordan's sisters, her daughter, and beer. The dentist and I talked about running and skydiving. 

Yet despite all that, and despite how crazy this probably sounds to most of you, I actually do like going to the dentist. I don't mind the poking and prodding, and I like getting my teeth cleaned. 

But what I like the most about the dentist is getting a clean bill of teeth health. I've never had braces, and while my teeth aren't as perfectly straight as my brother's are (or my sister's will be in another year or so), I'm pretty proud of my teeth, strange as that may sound. 

There's not one cavity or filling in this mouth, people. And among all the other things, I really like talking to the dentist about that. 

Like I said, I'm weird. 
LeAnna said...

I haven't been to the dentist in 7 years, I'm slightly afraid to go now.

On an another note, Dr. Vincent is such a nice guy! I used to go to church with him, and we took care of his dog at the vet. I can't remember his dogs name. This means I'm getting old, because I used to remember everyone by their dogs name. I think the dog died, though. He was older, and it's been almost 10 years since I started working at the vet. Now I really feel old.

What's that about people chatting you up in your comment boxes? Ha!

Have a great week!

anna lizbeth said...

I am not a fan! I dont get the chatting thing.. its hard to chat with them when they have their hands in your mouth! Last time I went the dr said.. "my what big teeth you have for such a small mouth!" thanks dr.. thanks.

Allison said...

Wow I'm jealous that you never had braces! Lucky!! I do love my dentist, but the dentist office is not my favorite place to go!

Amanda said...

Haha that's how it is with my husbands dentist. The first time I went to him he told me all about when Will was in high school. And would constantly ask me about myself while he had all his utensils in my mouth, haha!

Anonymous said...

I consider Oklahoma part of the South too. Not so much because of its geographical location (though it IS south of what is "home" for me) but more because of culture. And maybe also because when I was going to college, I wanted to make it sound like I was headed farther away than just one state. I dunno. Anyway. Yes. Oklahoma is south.

I also like going to the dentist. I like when they show me my teeth on the X-ray, and I like the clean feeling I have after they do their cleaning - it's so much better than a regular old brushing. Also, I've never had to have any painful dental experiences (except for the Dental Hygienist from Hell who flossed so hard the blood POOLED in my mouth [never happened before or since] then told me that was MY fault for not flossing enough; um, excuse me, lady - flossing at the dentist usually causes SOME blood because yes, I DON'T floss enough, but when you're yanking that string hard enough for the blood to pool in my mouth so much that I actually need to spit it out? that's WAY TOO HARD!).

Now I go to a dentist I love, but they do the conversation thing, which is so weird because they'll ask a question and I'll have to wait until they get their fingers out of my mouth so I can answer without chomping them, so then there's just this long, awkward silence while I wait for that to happen. It's ridiculous. But, she does have a TV in there (which my childhood dentist never had - only stupid cat posters to stare at on the ceiling), and she hands me the remote and says I can put it on whatever channel I want. I choose a different channel every time because I don't have cable at home. I've gone with CMT, Animal Planet, and most recently...whatever channel was showing Sex & the City. Ha.

Anyway, you're not alone. I don't LOVE the dentist, just because it's a hassle to leave work in the middle of the day, as with ANY doctor's appointment. But I don't dread or hate it.


The Lady Okie said...

Jordan has a similar horror story regarding the dental hygienist. That's why he refuses to go to anyone but Stacy. I think there was a fair amount of blood involved as well. And that's awesome about the TV! Our dentist is still rockin' the poster :)

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I seriously laughed out loud and was pretty envious of you! I can't believe you love the dentist!! I seriously wish I was you because I HATTTEEE the dentist!!!!

Mimsie said...

I'm going to the dentist today, as a matter of fact. And I too, actually enjoy the experience. I could easily fall asleep, I am so relaxed. However, unlike you, I have had my share of fillings, and recently, a crown. It was kind of fun having that done (weird, I know).