High Five For Friday!


To say that I am glad this week is over would be a huge understatement. That's why I am giving Friday a whopping high five. Nothing terrible happened to me, yet I had a complete meltdown on Monday night, causing me to cancel all the plans I had for the week and hole myself up in my apartment and not speak to anyone.

I literally did not answer my phone when it rang, and I canceled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night plans. 

Has anyone else ever done this? I know I'm not the only one.

On Wednesday, I came home from work, and Jordan ran in with his hands behind his back, saying that he'd gotten me a present. It was a cupcake from the bakery that is unfortunately fortunately placed 2 minutes from my apartment. 
This might have been the best cupcake ever to be eaten.
Scratch that. 
It was the best cupcake ever to be eaten. 

And I know joy doesn't come from a cupcake, but it sure did boost my mood. 

What is something that always boosts your mood? 
P.S. Speaking of a mood boost, I'm running my FIFTH half marathon on Sunday. Wish me luck! I'll be back tomorrow for a pre-race post! Crossing that finish line always makes me smile.

Mimsie said...

Awww....what a great guy to know what would cheer you up. Hope you are feeling much better on Friday than you were on Monday. We all have those days!

SH said...

That cupcake looks delicious!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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