My Style: An Age-Appropriate Dress


I was at Target yesterday to go grocery shopping, and of course I had to swing by the clothes department just to see what the haps was. The first thing I saw were bathing suits. 

No, Target.
Is it not still February? Come on, people. I guess it's March tomorrow, but still.
Anyway, behind the swimsuits I saw a rack of dresses. Target always has the cutest dresses. I didn't buy anything, but seeing the dresses reminded me of the time about six months ago that I bought a dress from Target I thought was super cute. I tried it on at the store and checked myself out in the mirror and was all "why hello there, sexy" to my reflection. 

I brought it home and immediately put it on, excited to show Jordan my new summer dress. He was not impressed.
In fact, these were the first words out of his mouth: "That looks like a little girl's dress." He followed that deflating statement with: "Your sister would probably like that dress."

My sister is fifteen.

So I was all, "you are totally ruining this for me" and "by the way, you know nothing about fashion." But in the end I decided I sort of agreed with him, plus the dress was a little tight, so I took it back.

Fast forward approximately 13 days later.

We went to a wedding of a friend of mine, and at the reception I saw herIt was this cute, petite girl who was most definitely not older than my sister, which meant she was probably 13 at the most, was wearing the same Target dress. I punched Jordan in the arm and whisper-shouted, "Look!" 

He saw my thirteen-year-old twin and started cracking up. Apparently it was a dress for a little girl, because it looked way better on her than it had on me. That situation confirmed my belief that I should not go shopping alone. 

This all brings me to my brand-new Eshakti dress, which I just got in the mail earlier this week. This is a fun, cute dress that is not a, ahem, little girl's dress. Amen. Hopefully you can't tell that I'm freezing in these pictures. It was approximately 30 degrees outside, and my leg hair was growing a mile a minute. Don't look closely. 
Do you like how I put the watermark right in my armpit? 
Again, don't look too closely. Pleaseandthankyou.

Isn't this dress so cute? I love it. I even got to customize the length so it would fall just above my knees rather than below. I have huge calves, so the below-the-knee length is not a good look for me. 
It fits perfectly, and I love the stripes, the shape, and the pockets! Pockets are in right now.  And here's the kicker: this dress is machine washable. Boom. I try to only buy things I can wash because I'm lazy.

Check out Eshakti and get 20% off through March 10 using the code: THELDYKE
Katie said...

that is really funny - i've seen kids at my school wearing very similar or the same dress that I own! you look so great in this dress! I love it! and I'm going to have to do the same thing for my "spring" dress - take pictures in freezing winter weather!

Mrs. H said...

Love this dress girlfriend!

I've accidentally gotten something from the kids section before too! It's not our fault we're pint size.

Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

You look adorable!
I love those heals too!

Amber said...

I LOVE that dress!

SH said...

That dress is beautiful!!

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SH said...

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

That is definitely not a little girl's dress! It is so cute - great choice!

Brhea said...

LOVE this dress! You look adorable :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! I love the dress!


Robyn B said...
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bridesmaid said...

Hmmm new style
that look good.