The Valentine's Day Twitter Board


I am the first to admit that I get very excited about insignificant things. Case in point: last week, on Valentine's Day, I got retweeted on the giant billboard in Oklahoma City, and I kind of freaked out. Like, I called people to tell them about it freaked out.

You see, you can only get up on the twitter board by tweeting something witty. So for the last few months (basically ever since I got a twitter), I've been trying to tweet something worthy of getting up on the board.

Who knew that instead of trying to be funny, all I had to do was tweet something random that was also 100% true. I totally took down some Hershey's kisses the night before Valentine's Day.

So while Valentine's Day was great and all that... I love my husband and yada yada yada, the real excitement was getting my tweet up on the billboard.

My second big excitement was going out to get frozen yogurt with Jordan. Because it's delicious. 

That's how you rock Valentine's Day when you're lame awesome.
Kate said...

Hey, you're famous! And now I'm following you on Twitter. I look forward to reading your tweets once Lent is over and I'm allowed back on social media!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

You are 100% allowed to be excited about that! Amazing!

Allison said...

Haha that's is amazing you were on the billboard! Wahoo!

Unknown said...

Umm, your tweet on a billboard is TOTALLY awesome! I would have been freaking out as well! Wow!