5 Blog Posts I Never Skip


This is a follow up to my previous post, 5 Blog Posts I Usually Skip, which turned out to be a big hit! Seriously, thanks for all the comments. It was so fun reading through everyone's comments and seeing what types of posts you guys like and don't like. 

I think the most interesting thing I learned was that a lot of you disagreed with me and said you like the more random posts. I expected as such, but I do want to add something I should have put in the post originally, which is that I don't mind random posts themselves. What turns me off is a lame title like "Random Thoughts." It sounds horribly boring.

At the very least, you could think of an interesting title like, "I'm only wearing one green sock" or "I just ate an entire block of cheddar cheese." Not that either of those apply to me. I totally just made those up right now. But you see what I mean. It would just make the whole thing much more interesting. I think a blogger who does a great job at this is Erin from Living in Yellow. Seriously, the girl talks about nothing half the time, but she gives her posts such interesting titles that I can't help but click on them. And then I'm hooked. Brilliant move on her part.

Anyhoo, now we're now moving on from posts I skip and talking about the posts I never skip. These are the posts that make me happy when I see them in my blog feed. In no particular order....

1. Running Posts

Knew that was coming, didn't you? Indeed, it's true. 

I will always click on a post that has the word running in the title. This is my current obsession going on 3 years. I think my husband would like to know when the obsession is going to end, and I have no answer except to say that at least for now the obsession lives to die another day.

2. Photography Tips / Pretty Pictures

I'm one of those people who will click on a post if I see a pretty picture. I'm kind of like a 2-year-old in that way. "Ooo! Look at the pretty picture!" That's me. 

I'll join the masses and say that photography is a fun hobby for me. I enjoy taking pictures with my fancy camera (that I am super protective of since it took me a whole year to save up for it). I read photography tips and tricks when I can and try my best to always take pictures in manual no matter how long it takes me to find the right exposure. 

Most of all, however, I appreciate the art of a gorgeous photo, and that's why any post referencing camera tricks or promising the viewing of a lovely photo gets my click.

[Find my favorite photography site here.]

3. Posts about Real Life

This is, I think, the bread and butter of blogging. It's why I come here; it's why I love this space so much. I appreciate posts about real life, real struggles, real emotion. Not to say that I like these types of posts all the time. Sometimes a witty post full of fluff is medicine for the soul. 

But I really do love reading a post that hits me right where I'm at.

Recent real life reads: 
Uniquely You: Let's Not Compare from Jenny Highsmith
A Practical Guide to Jealousy from Jenny @ JenEricGeneration
Wheat Thins from Kate @ Begin Anyway (a cute little story about her library custodian)

4. Any Post that References "Friends"

I love that show so much. 
That is all.

[My "Friends" posts: My Top 5 Favorite Ross Moments | Everything I Needed to Know about Life, I Learned from "Friends"]

5. Posts with Lists

I wanted to say book reviews for #5. I really did. Because I do love me a good book review. Not that I have room on my stupidly long to-read list to add more books anyway.

But the truth is, if I said I never skipped book reviews, I would be lying. Sometimes I do skip them if it doesn't look like a book I'll like

No, in fact the last kind of post I never skip is a post full of lists. Specifically, bucket lists and every blogger's favorite: a 30 by 30. (Or 27 by 27 or 35 by 35 or whatever age you make it.) I find bucket lists fascinating, and I love reading them. 

*Honorable mention: Posts with Free Downloads
I have found some sa-weet desktop downloads thanks to my fellow bloggers. You bet I will always click on a post offering something for free. Cha-ching!

Now for the fun part!
Shout out your favorite kinds of posts in the comments. 
Do you love fashion posts? Exercise? Bachelorette Recaps? 
Let's hear it!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo with you on the running posts. I'm actually stalking your marathon posts. I like that your runs during the week weren't terribly long. Some plans have you running mileage in the 40's every week. Too much for me!

Thanks for putting it all out there for newbie marathoners like myself to study :)

Susannah said...

Haha. I think a lot of the posts you skip are the ones I'll never skip and vice versa. ;-)

Charity said...

I totally skip the post that have anything to do with running. My knee tells me to!! I will never skip post about photography, food, marriage, or travel.

Sarah said...

You are right on the mark with any post about lists (30 things to do before my birthday, 100 things I want to do before I go to school blah blah). I'm obsessed.

I also love recipe posts. Not that I make them half the time haha!

Ashley said...

I skip book review posts, too. I love posts with lists and I LOVE posts about real life. My favorite posts are the ones that take life and make it laughable. Great post. :)

Unknown said...

Agreed - list posts are great because they compartmentalize things. It's just easier to follow when things are broken up on the screen.

Michelle said...

I like your #4. That is all.

Anonymous said...

I think I love posts that make me laugh (like all of yours) and posts about human emotion and life. I like to feel that I'm not so alone in the world... not the only one perhaps over thinking things or getting excited or getting down on myself. On the same note, I really like uplifting posts. Ones that pull themselves up by their own blogging bootstraps, if you will. :)

Mandi Noel said...

It's funny that you never skip a running post because I almost always skip them! haha I'm not a runner and running doesn't interest me, so I almost always skip those. I'm right there with you on personal posts, though. I love them! There's nothing better than someone being able to describe perfectly what you've been feeling. Sometimes I can't even find the words to describe my feelings, but another blogger finds them for me. And I love that because it creates community and friendships. Now I'm curious to read your other post!

Katie said...

you come up with such great post ideas :) i love friends and real life posts!

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake said...

WORD on the running posts. I can't resist them - they're always so motivational and inspiring. There's so much to learn from the experiences of others. :)

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

Rachel Sedaker said...

What does it say about me that after glancing at all of the posts in my blog feed, this is the first one I clicked on? I'm too tired to think right now, but I am all over book recommendation posts or posts about reading in general.

kristyn said...

heck yes to #3. that's more than half of the reason i stick around on this blogging community. i love getting to know the heart of people :)

Curious Runner said...

Yup, agree x 5... And *agree :)

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

I love reading weekly update posts on peoples pregnancies which makes no sense since I am not pregnant nor do I plan on being anytime soon if ever but I just find it so interesting for some reason!

Alyson said...

LOVE this! Anything Friends related I for sure stop. That show will never get old to me.

Anonymous said...

I never skip posts about blogging, Saturday Sessions by Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars? Yes please! Follow Your Blogging Compass by Belinda at Found Love Now What? I'm totally clicking.

Allison said...

After reading both of your posts (and remembering that I need to change so many of my boring blog post titles!) I think I've concluded that I don't have a hard and fast list of topics I always read or always skip. That I realize, anyway. There are quite a few blogs that I read every single post because I just plain like the blogger behind them. Other than that, I'll read any post with a picture or title that intrigues me. I also do a lot of skimming :)

Megan said...

I had to laugh at your book review comment, because I blog about books A LOT and love to read, but I skip book reviews for books I've never heard of. Which is so silly because isn't that how I should find new books?? That's what Goodreads is for I guess. :)

I also love bucket lists and the like. I recently made a 24 Before 24 list (and by recently I mean less than two weeks ago, so pretty recent!) and I always click on those tabs if I see them on another blog.

P.S. - Thanks for visiting my currently post today. Burnt popcorn is the worst - ugh! Sorry. :/

Jeneric Generation said...

I am just now reading this and thank you so much for the shoutout! I really liked this post, as well as your previous post on posts you don't click on. I definitely agree with you on a good book review (even though it didn't make your list), and I, too, am a sucker for lists. What is it about lists?? And titles...Yeah, they are really important. Sometimes I need that reminder.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I love a good list post! Bucket Lists and he 101 in 1001 posts. I also love recipe posts (hey I am a baker)!

Jacquie said...

I love list posts!! And picture posts, and book reviews I do the same as you, if I think I'd like the book I am totally in.