5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Today I'm linking up with Kiki for another round of The Circle. (Side note: I really love Kiki's blog, so if you don't read it already, you should get on that.) Today's topic is "5-10 Essentials," and so seeing as how arctic-ageddon is upon us here in Oklahoma, I thought I would share with you my top 5 winter wardrobe essentials. Fashion posts on The Lady Okie Blog are like purple unicorns, so you better enjoy it now because soon it will be gone!

*I fully intended to take cute, pin-worthy, up-to-date pictures of the following items, but I've been crazed lately, so please enjoy these out-of-date pictures I stole from previous blog posts.

1. Coats
I have a few coats of varying thicknesses and cuteness factors depending on where I'm going and how cold it is outside. The above coat is one of my favorites. It's from Banana Republic, and I bought it for $30 at a resale shop (Plato's Closet, I think) back in 2010, and it's still doing its thing 4 years later. This coat has definitely gotten its money's worth and then some. The best part about it? It has so many pockets. Like, hidden fleece-lined pockets upon pockets that I only discovered after I bought it. Double winning.

2. Scarves
I am all about them scarves, y'all. A woman can never have too many. I might be fine without a coat, but if my neck is cold, it's all over for me. If you don't know what to get me for a present, a scarf is always a good option. 

I often crochet my own scarves after seeing something at a store that I like. I'm all, "$30? Sorry, Loft, but I can totally buy the yarn and make that myself." The above scarf is from the American Eagle outlet, and I wear it all the time. It's white and gray and goes with everything. I'm almost finished crocheting a blueish-greenish infinity scarf that's nice and warm and big. I can't wait to wear it!

3. Skinny Jeans
I used to be so opposed to skinny jeans, but a few years ago I saw the light and now I can't go back. I have three pairs that I switch between in the winter: dark purple jeans from the Banana Republic outlet ($12, holler!) / dark wash jeans from the BR outlet / MissMe jeans from Plato's Closet ($25, holler!).
4. Boots
Up until a few months ago, I had 1 pair of brown boots (from Kohl's), which you can see in the picture above. They are so comfortable, and I have gotten a surprising number of compliments on them. Mostly from homeless women on the side of the street as I walk downtown to the library on my lunch break. You think I'm kidding.

Anyhoo, after wearing my brown boots almost every day for two years, I spent an entire month's blow money on a second pair this year from Rack Room Shoes. I also have 2 pairs of black boots, so basically I'm set for the next forever with boots.

5. Sweaters
(^^Here's me wearing a sweater, a scarf, and my skinny jeans!)

My sweaters are all mostly from Target, Banana Republic outlet, or the Gap outlet. You're probably sensing a theme here with clothing stores. I find myself buying a lot of striped sweaters, which is still kind of strange to me because I used to hate all things striped. 

I stick mostly to purples, greens, and blues, since those are the colors that are best for my complexion. Reds/oranges/pinks are definitely a no-go for me. I mean just look at that pumpkin. It's blowing my skin tone right up. You know it. I know it.

What are your winter wardrobe essentials? Love or hate skinny jeans? Black or brown boots?
Unknown said...

Scarves: I also hate having a cold neck. My current scarf is the size of a blanket. I like that.
Skinny jeans: I was opposed to them until I tried some on last year. Can't go back either.
Boots: I have a brown-flat pair and a black-heeled pair. If I could wear them all year around, I would.

PS: You look great. Even if the pictures are out-of-date.

Ashley said...

I definitely have to have scarves and sweaters. Lol. I sometimes crochet my own scarves, too! $6 worth of yarn will always trump a $30 scarf. Plus, you get to customize the colors if you want. It rocks. :)
Ah, skinny jeans... I have such mixed feelings about them. Basically, I like them on skinny people. I, however, am 5'2" and... shall we say... a bit more full-figured. Skinny jeans just don't work for me. Lol. At all. I do wish I could find at least one pair that actually fits so I could wear them with boots, though.
I have a pair of black boots, but I want a pair of brown ones SO bad. I LOVE yours, but (as mentioned before) I'm short so I have to find shorter boots or (a) I can't get my legs in them (b) if I do get my legs into them, they come up to my knees. The struggle is real. Lol.

Kate said...

I basically wear a scarf every single day once the weather drops below 40. Even the ones that aren't super warm still make me feel like I'm wearing a giant blank around my neck, and who wouldn't love that?
I used to avoid skinny jeans like the plague, but now I can't figure out what else to wear. They're just so easy! I especially love them because it doesn't matter if they're too long on my short little legs. They just puddle at my ankles instead of dragging the ground. Win.
And you know all about my struggles with boots. I have some now that I can wear with skirts, but they are just a bit too tight to comfortable wear with jeans. (sigh). I did, however, just break down and buy a pair of comfy lace up boots. I'll be honest and admit they aren't attractive Some lace up boots do look good. These? Well, I look more like I'm attempting to become a lumberjack. But ya know what? My legs get cold in the winter, and I was desperate. Comfort definitely won that argument... So please. I beg of you. Enjoy those cute boots a little extra for me. ;)

Kristen said...

basically all of these. I love skinny jeans in the winter because of boots. I love sweaters as well but honestly have the darndest time trying to find some I like - I like them to be long and that's hard to find sometimes.i have a pair of black boots and a pair of brown boots, i want to get one more but i don't want black or brown because i like what i have and i don't want duplicates, so there you go.. oh and i love fleece lined leggings for the winter - i wear them under my jeans because winter and i are not friends.

The Lady Okie said...

haha. I will enjoy them! I have one pair of black boots (that I was wearing yesterday, in fact), and Jordan always says, "You look like you're about to go out riding." haha. They do look a little like the kind you'd wear in a horse competition or something, but I like them. I was on the hunt for brown boots this year and was happy to find them! They're just what I was looking for AND I got them at Rack Room for a BOGO deal with a pair of rain boots for cheap. I feel like everything I ever talk about regarding clothes involves a deal or an outlet store. haha. I'm so cheap.

The Lady Okie said...

You're cracking me up :) I do love both pairs of my brown boots. I was on the hunt for them this year and got a deal, so I was happy. It IS a struggle, though, to find a pair that's cute and comfortable. I'm also a pretty good height for boots (5'8"), so I can usually find a good pair.

Niken said...

you guys, i really can use some snow right now. it's soooo freaking hot here in my part of the world

Unknown said...

I wear a scarf almost every day. They are so cozy! I like light layers, but I hate to feel all stuffy in heavy sweaters etc. Scarves are the perfect way to stay warm indoors with just a light long sleeve. I avoided skinny jeans for the longest too. I am pear shaped, and I felt like they made me look off balance or something. I am a convert now though. There are so many trends that I once said "never" to but wear all the time now. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hah - those of us from back where you grew up (I'm from/back there as well) call this a fall essentials list. My winter essentials are slightly more intense.
-massive gloves
-fleece tights/leggings
-sleeping bag coat
-LLBean boots, which have unfortunately become a sort-of iconic hipster clothing item.

Though, I do like to wear bigger/more colorful jewelry as a fashion statement in the winter. It brightens up otherwise dark outfits.

Miss Nutralicious said...

I have brown and black boots too! Unfortunately, they are looking pretty shabby these days and I really need to find a new pair. I'm on the hunt for a brown pair to match my favorite coat.

I thought my boot dilemma was solved recently when I inherited a new pair of really cute ankle boots from my sister that she ordered in the wrong size online, but I think I'm realizing that I'm not trendy enough to pull off the ankle boot look. Seriously, how the heck are you supposed to wear ankle boots?!

So, my winter essentials:
1) Tall (ish) boots, preferably brown
2) A warm coat with a hood
3) Scarves!
4) Warm gloves
5) No ankle boots and no skinny jeans (love the look, but I like my calves to be able to breathe)

Anne said...

I like to go for cognac boots so that they can be worn with black OR brown :) And I'm totally with you on multiple coats in varying weights/levels of cute. Sometimes you purely need function (like this frigid morning here), but usually in winter your coat pretty much ends up being your outfit when you're out and about, so cute is important. Also variety so you don't end up hating your coat after having to wear the same thing every day for 3 months... Love yours - what a great resale shop find!

Amy said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH how i love a big bulky sweater!

Laura said...

Looooove boots, especially cowboy boots! Can't stand sweaters, usually because my classroom is about 80 degrees and sweat and teaching just don't go together so well. Gotta love all those resale shop finds!

Ali said...

Skinny jeans, boots, scarves, and mittens! I have one infinity scarf that is thicker, and I can wrap it once around my head and then my neck to secure it so that it doubles as a hat when it's really cold. It makes me look like an old babushka but at that point, who cares!?

The Lady Okie said...

I actually debated calling this a fall essentials list. Let's be honest: I have a MUCH more intense collection of coats/mittens/thick socks ;) When my parents moved to Dallas, we had like 3 giant wardrobe boxes full of coats, and the moving guys were like, Um.... haha. I miss snow on Christmas, but not having freezing temps for months at a time is nice, I won't lie.

shelleystirs said...

You can have some of mine!

shelleystirs said...

I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans two weeks ago. I am asking for more for Christmas.

I love sweaters and scarves, too. And I always dress in layers in the winter.

Sarah @ Sometimes Photojenik said...

I'm glad I didn't join in the linkup because our posts would have basically been the exact same. I can't live without my coat, I love skinny jeans mostly because they fit in my boots, and I live in sweaters all winter long. My only pair of brown boots though are a pair of pointy-toed cowboy boots that aren't always appropriate so I'm on a hunt for a different pair of brown boots. I LOVE yours and have added Kohl's to my list of places to look. I must say I almost laughed out loud reading your comment about the homeless ladies commenting on your boots. Thankfully I stifled the laugh considering I'm sitting in a class on advanced cardiac life support (of course I'm paying attention and not reading blogs). I have had to get used to scarves because things around my neck tend to bother me a lot, but I'm getting better about it now that I've found some soft and non-itchy scarves. I'd have to add gloves to the list because that steering wheel is awfully cold headed to work at 6am!

Miriam said...

Gosh, you have a knack for finding great deals! Amazing. I've jumped on the skinny jeans bandwagon years ago, and it's true: once you are on it, you can' t go back. They are flattering, fun, and thanks to 2% elastane, surprisingly comfy.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I am a firm believer in scarves at all times. I have a brown and black pair of boots to rotate depending on the outfit. It is getting really cold here so hats and gloves are a must right now.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

We don't really have winter here but that hasn't stopped me from stocking up on all this stuff.

Bethany Carson said...

I couldn't survive the winter without my coats, scarves and boots! It's good to keep a supply handy!

Rebecca Jo said...

Being a knitter, this is the time of year I get to wear all my loot :)
Skinny jeans are a must with boots... love it from fall to spring!

Tracy said...

I have so many cable knit sweaters that I've been banned from buying them. You can never have enough scarves and I'm a boot fiend. Love my boots and I am always drawn to them at the store.

nelle monaco said...

Hi- stopping in from The Circle- loving your essentials and excited to follow you! Loving your space :)

Katie said...

scarves boots and sweaters!! and I'd add vests too. i keep wearing them instead of coats!

GeonHui's Bakery said...

Great list! Scarves and boots definitely! And a cardigan- I tend to wear them all the time. Ooo and maybe a vest. :)

Kiki said...

Why must you have the the perfect list? The more I read, the more I knew we were meant to be blog friends. :) Seriously, boots, skinny jeans, sweaters, and scarves are what I wear every.single.day to work now. So glad it's chilly out so I can layer like crazy!

And stripes? Definitely hated them until a two-ish years ago. Now I have too many stripes to count. :)

Thanks for linking up! And for saying all those sweet words about me. You're making me blush. And also making me realize how much I love your blog (and not just because you flatter me--it's because you're such a funnnnn + honest blogging friend!).

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Wouldn't it have been awwwwwesome if the previous owner of the BR coat left some money in one of the million pockets? A coat and some hidden cash!

Do you follow patterns when you crochet your scarves? If so, email the pattern my way! Every winter I start a crochet project because it's cozy and I've yet to finish one. This winter - completion will be mine. Maybe in the form of a scarf.

I love all the items on your list. Winning x 5.

The Hungry Goat said...

Um, all of the above? It doesn't get as cold as Oklahoma (although it was 40 degrees for the high last week so I think that's changing...) but when I was in NY, I had a ton (A TON) of coats for varying temperatures.

I have both brown and black boots. A girl needs options...

Jenny@JenericGeneration said...

Boots are so worth investing in! The good ones last forever. And since I pretty much wear them daily, yeah, it's definitely worth it.

I'm with Amy on the crochet projects...I used to be great at completing crocheted things back in college. When I picked it up again a few weeks ago, I found I had to re-teach myself. And now I am struggling to complete a tiny little headband. An infinity scarf would be so rewarding, though! I just might attempt that.

Holly said...

I have a pair of boots from Target that are a beigey-grey, so I can wear them with black or brown stuff, or at least tan stuff, and I really like them a lot. I looove scarves in the fall and winter!! And comfy sweaters :)

Victoria said...

I always love The Circle! :) And I liked the variety of pictures that you ended up including in this post - who cares if they're "recent" or "blog worthy" (the are!!!)!

Let's see...
Sweaters: YES!
Boots: I'm shopping for some.
Skinny Jeans: NOPE (I've got my Momma's bird legs).
Scarves: Give me a turtleneck.
Coats: Definitely!

Rach said...

So the fried chicken in your last post has me hungry, haha! Looks like a great little dive - totally my kind of place! :) {sorry, does it defeat the purpose of turning off the comments if I comment on other posts about it? I just can't help it!}

I was so against skinny jeans FOREVER! But then I realized how great they looked with boots a couple of years ago and I love them now. :)

Megan said...

YES X FIVE!!!!! I also used to loathe skinny jeans, but how else am I supposed to wear jeans with tall boots?! Now they're all I wear. :)