Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota


Yep. Still going on South Dakota recaps over here. 

Many of you have commented that you had no idea South Dakota had so many fun things to offer. Well, neither did we. When I first planned this vacation, I was afraid that we'd get bored spending three days there; but as it turns out, we didn't have nearly enough time to see and do everything we wanted to. 

So let me say this: South Dakota is completely underrated as a travel destination. 
Go there. The end.

On Sunday afternoon, after I squealed over the baby bears at Bear Country USA, we headed into Rapid City for a round of mini golf and some dinner.

There was a minor, ahem, episode around hole 7 where it might have taken me 17 strokes to get my ball in the hole. Let's just say I got a little upset and I might have tried to break my putter in half across my knee. But it's fine now. I recovered, and Jordan and I ended the game on good terms, both putters fully intact.

After mini golf, we walked around downtown Rapid City for a little bit before dinner. It was such a fun downtown! There weren't very many people out because it was Sunday evening and it was a little chilly, but we had fun acting like complete tourists taking pictures with road signs and such. 

I know people make fun of the typical "tourist" with their huge camera hanging around their necks, but HOW ELSE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO TAKE PICTURES OF STUFF? Having your camera at the ready at all times is the only way to capture the moment.

No shame.
^^^Please look closely at this picture. AKA the most GIANT speed limit sign I have ever seen in my life. Look at it in comparison to me and then laugh for five minutes like I did when I saw it. 
Just... why.

^^^Okay, so weirdest slash coolest thing ever: On every street corner of the downtown area of Rapid City are life-size bronze statues of all the US presidents! We had no idea this was here, but Jordan loves history, and this might have been the most excited he was to see anything the entire trip, maybe minus his excitement over seeing the Mount Rushmore faces.

We saw one statue on a street corner, then looked over and saw another, then looked down a block and saw another. Jordan just pointed, then shouted, then took off in a sprint. You guys, I never see him move that fast for anything. We didn't see all 44, because it was cold and we were hungry for dinner, but there are, in fact, life-size statues of every single president. (If you're interested, you can see pictures of all of them here.)

Jordan would try to guess who the statue was before he got close enough to see the name. Amazingly, he was right every single time! I felt so lame. I only knew the big ones like Clinton and JFK and Bush, etc. I mean seriously, who knows what Zachary Taylor even looked like? My husband does apparently.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Rapid City and would honestly recommend it just for the presidential statues. Well, that and the giant speed limit sign. But, as they say, all good things must end. Luckily, our drive back to the cabin wasn't too bad, because we got to watch the sun set over the black hills. Not too shabby.

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