Pre-Thanksgiving Coffee Date


Hello, friends! 

This will be the only time I'll post this week. I know we all have Thanksgiving stuff going on, and to be honest I'm just too busy right now to worry about writing blog posts. That and I'm in the middle of two really good books, and at this particular moment in time reading > blogging.

I'm pretending that we're meeting for a quick pre-Thanksgiving coffee date before all the craziness of the holidays hits. I might splurge and order a peppermint mocha this time. Despite my aversion to coffee, I actually like those. However, since I'm not used to the caffeine, after I drink one, I'm literally bouncing in my chair so I drink with caution.

I would probably come in wearing the above outfit, because it's actually one of my favorites right now. If you hate it, just don't tell me about it, because I think I look really cute. Let's just say I feel stylish, which doesn't happen to me all that often. Hashtag cheap people problems.

I bought that striped sweater at the Loft outlet a few months ago. It was 40% off but still cost me $30, which is on the high end of what I like to spend for any type of clothing besides running shoes. But I'm glad I did. Those boots are the new brown ones I mentioned buying in my winter wardrobe essentials post. Rack Room shoes for the win.
Speaking of running shoes, I just recently bought a new pair. I got Mizuno's this time, which is a brand I've never run in before. I really like them so far. Plus, they look really cool. Dark gray with blue stripes. I don't buy running shoes based on the look, but it doesn't hurt. When I was at the store, I told the guy who was helping me that I had "only" run about 550 miles so far this year.

I remember a time not too long ago when the very idea of running 500 miles in a year sounded insane. I guess it's all about perspective. Well, perspective and the number of crazies I follow on Twitter who run marathons every other weekend. Sometimes I have to remind myself that is actually not the norm, and my 3 days of running a week are nothing to shrug about. I'm officially registered for two 1/2 marathons in 2015, which is two more than I ran in 2014, so I'm pretty pumped. Sub 1:50, here I come.
^^^I made that scarf. My friend Justine gifted me a skein of alpaca yarn a few years ago, and I made that cowl out of it. But the yarn is suuuuper thin, and it took me forever to finish. It's lightweight but still keeps my neck warm when it's just a tad on the chilly side. I'm pretty proud of it. (The leaf necklace is from an online popup store that I used to get emails for, but I forgot the name now, so that doesn't help you.)
Since it's almost officially the end of November, I'm calling it quits on my "no comment" experiment. I'll be writing up a post in December about what I learned. It actually was an interesting experiment, and I'm glad I did it. Feel free to share any thoughts you had about it. For now, I will just say that I will be keeping comments on for good now. I suppose I get why some people turn off comments, but to be honest I think it's kind of a silly idea. More on that later.
Thanksgiving is going to be crazy this year, just like it has been for the last 3 Thanksgivings. In 2011, my family started a turkey trot in our neighborhood. The first year, we had 300 runners, and last year we had over 900! This year we expect to have about the same. 

It's a ton of work, but it's a lot of fun. There's a 1-mile fun run and timed 5k. All the money raised supports the ministry of Youth for Christ in North Texas. If you want to read more about how the turkey trot all started, you can read this post. So that's what we'll be doing Thanksgiving morning: setting out cones to mark the route, getting registration organized, and cutting bananas for the finishers. (And if you happen to live in the Flower Mound, Texas, area and want to come out, here's the registration link.)
I keep thinking of more things to type, but ain't nobody got time for that. This is the holiday season, after all. The most wonderful time of year. And the busiest. I'm a little insane. I am already completely done with Jordan's Christmas presents and I have our Christmas cards in envelopes, addressed, and ready to send out! Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving and spending time with family and friends, however that looks in your world. Thanks for stopping by for a glimpse into mine.

Just for kicks: If you're interested in a funny Reese family story from last year, here is a post that is at the top of my list of all-time favorites.


  1. Have a great week. You look adorable.

  2. before you even said anything about it I thought "that sweater/sweatshirt thing is adorable and looks super comfy" so I would agree, good investment ;) also, the fact that your family started their own turkey trot is so cool!

  3. I love your outfit - especially those boots! And I'm very much interested to hear what you learned with the no comments experiment. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love that Turkey Trot idea and I love even more that your family organizes it! I'll be waking up early to deliver food to families who are without. It's my first year doing it and I'm quite excited ;) Then I'l be feasting like an animal because #merica.

    Have the Happiest Thanksgiving!

  5. Have fun at your 5K. I'll be walking the one in Norman.

  6. First, you look totally cute in your outfit. I love the scarf you made! The colors are great.

    Second, I totally feel you on the Thanksgiving craziness! I'm at work, but it's pretty slow here. All I want to do is go home and bake. Which is crazy and totally not me. I'm also running a 5K on Thanksgiving. This is the first year that I've done one, and I'm kind of sad that I'm going to miss watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. But there's always next year! I'm just excited to actually earn my pumpkin pie this year. Or, pecan, as it happens to be.

  7. I love your boots! You do look very stylish. :)

    And okay, you can't say that you're reading really good books and then not say what they are!!!

    1. haha :) Sorry about that! I'm reading Joanna Rakoff's My Salinger Year, which I'm really enjoying so far. And then a lady in my church published her 4th book, and so I'm reading that one. They are pretty typical cheesy Christian historical romance, but I used to love reading those, so it brings me back. It's fun to read something super fluffy once in a while, especially coming off Gone Girl. The author is Regina Jennings. They're pretty good if you like that kind of thing!

  8. I'm glad you'll be keeping comments on - I always have something I want to say at the end of your posts!

    Love the outfit. On our coffee date I would make sure you order that caffeine because I think it's fun to see people who are not used to caffeine drinking caffeine. I'm an enabler like that.

    Also, you inspired me to start a scarf this weekend. And it turned into a headband because I can't gauge length well. But I finished a crochet project!! Yay me. You're just inspiring.

  9. You look adorable! Happy Thanksgiving week, friend! It sounds like you're in for a good one!

  10. Love that outfit and the scarf came out great! I am glad the comments are back on, I like being able to tell you my thoughts. It was a bummer when I got to the end and couldn't. I just got some mocha mint coffee and I am really excited to bust it open.

  11. you're not the only one! we had all of our Christmas gifts purchased for both families in October! and we have our cards ready to send out too! we don't like having all that madness around this time of year so we get it done WAY early! we are freaks about it haha but it's nice to know someone else is on this level of crazy! :)

  12. You DO look cute, but I'll never understand your aversion to coffee. ;)

    Also, I'm a FIRM believer in reading > blogging, which is why my tends to be so sparse these days. Whatev.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is fannnntastic!

  13. I'd order a salted caramel mocha, yum.

    Sweater = too cute.

    I'm running the Houston Turkey Trot. Love that your family set one up! I've always wondered what it takes to get one of those going. Very cool.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  14. love your outfit :) so cute. 550 miles?!! i have no idea how much i have run this year, i am looking forward to tracking properly next year (daily mile, didn't start using it till just recently). I think I will need to get some new running shoes soon, I just really like mine and they still look brand new because I haven't run a whole lot since I bought them. Although that was 2 years ago, but still. Promise I haven't run more than what you're supposed to. Can't wait to read about your no comments experiment!
    I don't drink coffee so I'd get a hot choccie... with extra whip probably because that's how I roll.

  15. Running 3 days a week is definitely nothing to shrug about! I'm hoping I can get into running after the baby is born... we'll see... I just don't love running :( Anyway, happy happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's an awesome one!

  16. I'm glad you're going to turn comments back on permanently :) It'll be interesting to hear your thoughts on the experiment, but there were definitely a couple of times I read a post of yours and had something I wanted to comment on but couldn't. Obviously I could email/tweet you- but hey, comments are easy and I like easy ;)

  17. You did a nice job on the scarf; it looks great! And...I'm so happy comments will be left on for us! I like to be able to give feedback on what I read. :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Yay for comments! Love the outfit you look adorable!

  19. Hi! I love your outfit! When I saw this in Google + I was all like, "Hey, check out that cute shirt." Our Thanksgiving will be nice a quiet. We'll head to Fresno and spend the weekend with Tyler's family. I love it because it's pretty low key. We eat lots of food and usually go to a movie. It's great.

  20. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on turning off comments. It sounds like it was interesting experiment, but I'm glad you've decided to keep them turned on. :)

    You are SO good in already having your Christmas cards in envelopes and STAMPED. I'm impressed, girl. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friend!

    Oh, and I hope you're planning on linking up this post with my coffee date Friday! Do itttt!

  21. I was thinking today would be the only day I post too-- so much going on! How awesome you guys started a turkey trot- I wish there was one close to me but they are always the weekend before.

  22. good thing bc i wanted to comment! :) i'm impressed you made that scarf! and i love the loft and that top but also usually think $30 is a lot. worth it in this case though! and you are going to beat 1:50! That is SO fast - you are awesome!! hope you have a great thanksgiving!!!!!!

  23. You look super cute in that outfit. And comfortable. Win-win!
    I'm so glad you brought that up about all the crazies you follow who run a million miles a week. If we were really having coffee, I'd talk your ear off about that. It's definitely easy to feel inadequate but if we give in to that, nothing we do will ever be enough! I know I've personally had to take a big step back this year and just focus on doing me. When I first started running I had no idea what I was doing or what I was capable of doing, so I needed to look to others to make sure I was doing it "right." At this point I'm ready to be done with that and do whatever is right for me.
    Anyway. YAY sub-1:50 half! You totally got this!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving, Amanda!
    I didn't know you were a knitting queen! And you look great in that crisp-looking autumnal air. :)

  25. I'm visiting from the coffee date link up with Jenna! Your outfit is totally cute, don't second guess yourself ;) I've just started running, and I'm liking it. It's hard finding the motivation to get off my butt, but otherwise I enjoy it. Good on you!

  26. You look WAY cute I love the outfit! Also, in excited to hear what you thought about turning your comments off... For the record I'm glad you're keeping them on :)

  27. I think it's a super adorable and stylish outfit! :)

    Your three days of running a week are definitely not something just to shrug at! That's 3 days more than I run a week. ;)

  28. I need to get new running shoes so I might have to look into Mizunos. Are you still enjoying them? And you guys STARTED a turkey trot?!? How amazing and awesome!!!! I am catching up on blogs so you probably posted about it but I hope it went well!! :)


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