*Project 12: A photo on the first day of every month in 2014*
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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn [book review here]
Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman
Case Histories by Kate Atkinson
A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings
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Currently Reading: My Salinger Year by Joanna Rakoff
After that: In the Woods by Tana French

1) My family came up from Texas on November 8, and we took a trip to Eischen's in Okarche for fried chicken. This restaurant has been on my Oklahoma bucket list since I moved here! See more pictures here.

2) I went to Tulsa November 1-2 to visit a friend.
3) We drove to Texas for Thanksgiving!

November 7: We got Chinese takeout and watched a movie
November 16: Double date after church

Notable Events
It snowed! And...everyone in Oklahoma freaked out. School was closed and everything. Being from Illinois, I like to make fun of the Oklahoma drivers who don't know what they're doing in the snow, but it was for real slippery and dangerous. I think the main problem was that the weather people predicted "a few flakes" and yet it was like a blizzard on Sunday. No one was prepared.

Our turkey trot this year went great! We had a big turnout and raised a lot of money for Youth for Christ. The weather was perfect. I can't believe next year will be our fifth year of putting on this race.

After the runners leave, things get crazy. When will we be old enough to not jump on each other? Apparently never.

Just before everyone headed their separate ways, I propped my camera on the car for a good old-fashioned self-timer picture. And that, my friends, is how we ended November.


Two big things are happening this month: 1) Christmas, obviously. 2) I'm flying to San Diego THIS WEEKEND to visit a friend who recently moved there. Our other friend is flying from Ohio, and I'm so excited for a fun girls' weekend! We're doing the Electric Run 5k on Saturday so I'll hopefully have some good pictures from that to share.
Caroline @ In Due Time said...

yay for driving to Texas! Have a great girls weekend!!!

Kristin said...

Enjoy your girls' weekend - San Diego is so much fun, and the culinary scene is absolutely awesome! Obviously there is a factor that rises above others when I look for travel opportunities - oops :D

Hayley G said...

I am so jealous that you're going to San Diego! I would love to visit. Have so much fun! ... I AM FROM TEXAS! How was it? I miss it so much! Also rrrreally wanting to read Gone Girl!

Sarah @ Sometimes Photojenik said...

You look great in glasses! Also, what is a most inconvenient marriage about/what do you think of it? Have an awesome girls weekend; warm up those bones so you can brave the winter!

Rachel said...

Have fun in San Diego. Love the crazy pictures but you guys look seriously cold!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your upcoming 5k! From the looks of your most recent race, that's probably a given. :) Your pictures are so full of merriment!

The Lady Okie said...

A Most Inconvenient Marriage is a Christian historical romance. I used to love those back in the day :) The author, Regina Jennings, goes to my church and is also a friend/acquaintance of mine. This is her 4th book, and they're actually pretty good. They are perfect for the occasional "fluff" read, you know? I actually bought it for my grandma for her birthday, and I just decided to read it before I gave it to her.

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

November was good to you!!

Enjoy San Diego!

The Hungry Goat said...

I love your family. I don't even know them but I want them to be in my life. It looks like you had a lovely month!

Angela said...

My best friend lives in Tulsa and I miss her oh, so much! What a great month you've had!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Happy December! I hope you have the best girls weekend!

Victoria said...

I love this project and all of the other high lights you included too!!!

OK freaking out over a little snow is hilarious! My Mom (who grew up in SC) considers any snow fall being "snowed in"! lol...Okay, she's not quite that bad, but I am not far behind her either which is why we always laugh about it together!

Enjoy San Diego!!!

Leslie Lukens Martin said...

I love these monthly posts, and I definitely think you should continue them next year! San Diego is fabulous....we went there for my bachelorette party last year! Maybe you can go to Temecula for a little wine after you run!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Look like a great month, with travel, books and dates! I keep telling myself I'll do a turkey trot but it never happens. Oy!

17 Perth said...

What fun girls weekend!!?? Never been to San Diego. Hope you have a great time. I love your hair long. :) Looks like it was a pretty good november!! Always impressed with the number of books you have read. I am still working on one that I started in probably september. HA!

Niken said...

have fun!!! i'd love some snow, but the rain would suffice now on my part of the world. gosh... how come it's december already???

Amy said...

woohooo texas for thanksgiving!
AND SNOW...i want snow so badly!

Rach said...

The turkey trot looks like fun!

Holly said...

So glad your turkey trot went well!! And that fried chicken place sounds yummy :)