Project 12 // May


*Project 12: A photo on the first day of every month*

This blurry picture is an ode to the batrillion tons of rain that dumped itself onto Oklahoma this month. I took this while we were sprinting out to the car under a floppy umbrella to go over to Jordan's parents house and possibly get into the storm shelter. 

Because pictures > being alive. 

I mean seriously. Have you heard about all this rain? If I wanted to live in Seattle, I would move to Seattle. I like my weather windy and hot, thankyouverymuch.
Okay, I am majorly striking out on books this year so far. Of the 13 I've read, I think 6 have been less than 3 stars on Goodreads. Follow me here for book reviews. Here's the cliff notes version of the ones I read this month.

Food: A Love Story [2.5 stars]
It was fine, but it wasn't what I wanted, aka an actual book. This read like a collection of jokes, some of which I chuckled at, but overall I think the audio version would be much better.

The Chaperone [2.5 stars]
The first half was really good. The second half killed it for me. It was one of those "If I had edited this book..." moments. Those are never good.

The Girl on the Train [2.5 stars]
The premise is interesting. The writing is not. Is it too harsh to say that I didn't care one bit what happened to any character? They were all highly obnoxious. I only kept reading so I could get to the end and find out what the twist was. I'd say don't waste your time, but I know some people loved this book, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.
Where do I even start on this month's notable events? First off, I took my glucose test. The drink really wasn't that bad. I just didn't appreciate having to drink so much so quickly. However, I passed with flying colors, so hurrah! I also found out that I only gained 2 pounds since my last baby doctor appointment, so bring. on. the. cake.

I'm sitting at 154 pounds, people.
In other baby news, my stomach is continuing its march outward and onward. I captioned the most recent one "Do these stripes make me look fat?"  Hashtag bathroom selfie at work.
One of my best friends and her husband drove from Illinois for a visit and to throw me my first baby shower! It rained almost all weekend, which ruined my brilliant plans to be an awesome Oklahoma tour guide. But we did get out for some fun between thunderstorms. And by fun I mean bowling, where I lost spectacularly.
I had THREE baby showers in May. To say I am nearly exploding with gratefulness is extreme and cheesy but also true. Baby Bum's nursery might not have any furniture, but darn it if this little girl won't have enough onesies and books to last until she's 25.
Other notable events?

1. We took Jordan's mom out for frozen yogurt on Mother's Day. We found out when we got there that mother's were free, so basically cheapest date ever.
2. We celebrated our 4th anniversary! Jordan bought me flowers unexpectedly, and we woke up early for our traditional breakfast before work at iHop. Read more here.
3. Jordan mowed our yard! We painted! See pics from inside the house here. No, we aren't moved in yet.
On the last weekend of the month (aka last weekend), we drove to Texas. My mom threw me baby shower #2 AND my brother got engaged!
We all knew it was going to go down after the baby shower, and it was so hard to keep it a secret from Bethany, who was at the baby shower. My brother is so cute and planned this whole date. He rented the gazebo and had my other brother go early and set up flowers and a chalkboard sign with a special note. She was shocked, and then after the proposal they came back and we'd set up a surprise engagement party! Yes, two parties in one day! It was crazy and awesome. What is happening to life right now, you guys?

There's more. Much more, but I've already spent way too long on this post. I have no idea how I'll do this blogging thing with a baby. Just for kicks (pun sort of intended cuz get it? She's kicking?), here's another bump picture. 
There's a human inside me, and I will meet her in just about 2.5 months! I can't wait. HINT: Her name does not start with a B. I'm not one of those people who alliterates first and last names, just in case you were wondering. Not that there's anything wrong with those people. I'm just saying those people are not me. Amen.

p.s. In case you missed it, I posted the results of last month's reader survey. 

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Bethany Carson said...

Awww too bad, that means you're not naming the baby after me!

Congrats to your brother and his fiancée! It sounds like this has been an exciting month. You are looking great; love the baby shower photo!

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

You look so cute in your stripey bathroom picture! I also have not been overly wowed by any books this year which is sad but I keep muddling through hoping one will be a real true winner.

Jenn @ Optimization Actually said...

I love the bathroom selfie series! And that you've kept the same goofy pose for all of them. Only 2.5 months? Oh my goodness!!!

shelleystirs said...

What a month!

Our kids do not have names that begin with B, either, and it's not for alliteration. I have alliteration in my first and last name, but because of the different consonant blends it's not too bad (otherwise I'm not a fan).

Andrea H. said...

Oh, man! Lots happening for you right now!! Love the blurry pic...a classic for sure :) Bummed to hear that you didn't like The Girl on the's on my list to read. The baby shower pic is adorable! Looks like fun!! And yay for your brother getting engaged...what an exciting time for your family!! Here's the link to my most recent monthly update -

Leslie Lukens Martin said...

You look FABULOUS! And I can't even wrap my head around all the awesomeness that is going on with you and your on earth do you keep up?!!? P.S. Also love "Pictures > Being Alive"...cracked me up bc I'm always wanting to snap pics at the most inopportune times.

Ali said...

Your bump is so cute! You are too. The whole package...ugh, I'm bad at compliments.

I'm glad you read The Girl on the Train for me, so now I don't have to. I heard good things, but I kind of felt like it was a little too popular. People that I know are not really readers were all "oh this is soooo good!". Like with 50 Shades of Grey. That's usually my sign that I can probably skip it. I am judgmental of non-readers "must read" lists.

Brittany said...

I completely agree that the characters were basically awful people, but I really liked The Girl on the Train! I wasn't in love with the writing, but I honestly couldn't put it down because I wanted to know how it would end so badly. I love the side-by-sides of all your baby Bum pictures! SO CUTE and you're getting SO CLOSE! Such an exciting time for your whole family!

Sara Oss said...

I'm striking out on books as well, but you already knew that. Gone Girl was so bad that I'm not interested in reading any more super hyped books for a while. You really had an exciting and adventure-filled month. Potentially stupid question, but what's the difference between a storm shelter and a basement? I did write up a recap, but my month was far less exciting than yours:

Breenah A said...

Your mentioning alliterative names reminded me, my mom and her three sisters all have names that begin with a hard C. One of my mom's rules for naming us kids is that we each have a different initial. Then when we named Quinn, we have a hard enough time finding my name or Jarrod's on things, so we figured why not go even more difficult and never be able to find a Q? Ha!

The Lady Okie said...

I don't know why Girl on the Train is so hyped. The story premise is interesting, but honestly I could have skipped it and not missed anything. Gone Girl was just so psycho that I swore off Gillian Flynn forever.

That's not a dumb question about the storm shelter. People are always confused when they come visit because pretty much no one in Oklahoma has a basement. It's very rare. The ground is just too hard to dig into, and so it's really expensive. Most homes are just one story with no basement. A storm shelter is nothing like a basement. It's separate from the house, first of all. You have to go outside to get into it. They can be in the backyard or in the garage usually. They can be different sizes, but even big ones only fit about 10-12 people, and that's if everyone is standing. There's not room to move around much. There's a door/lid on the top that closes, and then there's a giant latch that clicks in. People also usually have some kind of rope thing to tie the door shut as well. Did you see Twister? The tornado sucks the door off! That's a real thing that could happen if the tornado actually passed over you.

Our new house has a storm shelter in the floor of the basement. It's large enough for 4 people to sit down inside. It's not even tall enough to stand up! There's no carpet or anything on the walls or the floor. Jordan's parents have a bigger one that fits his whole family, and you can stand up in it so we prefer to go over there if there's a possibility we'll need to get into it.

The Lady Okie said...

haha! I totally know the feeling. I'm like, can I REALLY trust your opinion? It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't awesome either. A good vacation read if you need something fluffy, but I pretty much wanted all the characters to just get hit BY the train. ;)

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Baby showers and engagements? What a fun weekend! So great that you are having showers!!! I can't believe how far along you are already! Love your bump!!!

Unknown said...

Hey, are you going your hair out?

Super rad questions with all the other things you said, right? :)

Unknown said...


Oh man, I'm the best proof reader around. ;)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That book garland at your shower is SO CUTE.

Amber Thomas said...

Could you be any more adorable as a pregnant woman? The answer is no.

I'm thankful you felt that Girl on the Train wasn't the best ever. I've seen much praise for it but just can't even get excited about reading it...

Tracy said...

Okay thank you because I totally thought I missed something with The Girl on the Train. I saw the ending coming way in advance and I'm not even usually that person. I didn't think it was a bad book, but just okay at best.

Unknown said...

Your face on those bathroom selfies is PRICELESS.
I think the fact that it rained for your (first) baby shower was somehow logical.

(Rain? Shower? OK, I'm out of here).

Kate said...

Congrats to your brother! Love all of the planning he did. Nailed it! :)

And I love all of your bathroom selfies.

Rach said...

Love your baby bump! She is growing so fast! The gazebo proposal is adorable! I love that you guys got to celebrate two big parties in one day. That's awesome! :)

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

I love those pictures of you!! You have such a great baby bump, and I love the striped shirts. I've been wanting to read girl on the train, but I'm not a big fan of annoying characters, so I'll probably stay away. I am still working through Bread and Wine as well as Make it Happen. Geez, it takes me years to get through books nowadays. I used to read so much in college. Like, a book a week which sounds nuts! I miss it.

Megan said...

Can I just say I'm so impressed that your facial expression managed to be so similar in all those bathroom selfies?? ;) As always, I love reading your monthly updates! Also, did you know we weren't friends on Goodreads yet? How embarrassing. I just added you. :)

Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

Your bump pictures are too cute!! Two parties in one day!! You guys make the most of your time :) I wasn't blown away with The Girl On The Train, I just read it this past month. I think because it had so much hype I read it more critically.

Laura | Making Baby Provence said...

Have you ever seen the picture of the boys with their hair standing on end and seconds after the picture was taken were struck by lightning? That’s a really sad way to start a comment. The point is that if they hadn’t stopped to take that picture, we wouldn’t have it all over the Internet to talk about 40 years later. You should always take pictures, even in monsoons. You never know when it will go viral. Good call on your part.