Confession Session vol 5


Jordan has been on a space kick lately and has watched a few Netflix documentaries about NASA and astronauts and whatnot. Obviously I got sucked in and ended up watching them too even though space is one of my top 3 fears (second only to snakes and tied with robots, I'm not joking; a robotic snake in space would destroy me). Anyway, thinking about space got me thinking about the movie Armageddon, which used to be one of my favorites back in the day (don't judge me; I'm old), and two weeks ago I FOUND IT ON NETFLIX. 

So of course that night after R went to bed I watched it immediately and of course cried four different times, once before they were even actually in space, and of course I cried at the end when Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler are running toward each other once he gets off the space shuttle. Because I'm not made of stone. You guys, that movie gets me in the ugly cry every time. Jordan came out and watched the last half hour with me and pointed out all the airplane- and space-related flaws where such and such couldn't possibly have happened and then stared at me in awe slash horror for crying so much. He's just so dreamy.

Speaking of Mr. McDreamy, I discussed in my last confession post that Jordan has started playing this video game where he's a drug dealer. Well now apparently he's a car thief. I went into the back room recently and he was standing in front of a car lot holding a bazooka and saying into his headset, "Which one do we need?" before he blew the place up and raced off in a bright orange car with black and yellow stripes down the side. 

I said, "Um, did you just steal that car?"
"Um, no. I obtained it for a client."
Do you see what I have to deal with? This is why I can never win arguments.

Also note: his character was dressed in a suit and tie. I really just don't even know what to think anymore.

No-makeup selfies. Someone remind me why this is a thing. Every selfie I take is a no-makeup selfie, and not having makeup on when you took a picture is not notable in any way. I will probably look back on my life and wonder why Younger Me never wore makeup, but I'm too low maintenance to care right now, so I'll leave that for Older Me to worry about.

Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant. Like, I legit have to remind myself that there's a baby in there. I had heard of people saying this can happen with second, third, etc., babies because you are so busy with your current child, and I am here to tell you it's a real thing. I'm 16 weeks currently and I am not quite sure but thinking that maaaaaaybe I felt a kick or two over the last few days. It's so hard to tell, but it's in the right spot and kind of feels like one so maybe so! I didn't feel anything with R until more like 22 weeks, so feeling the baby move earlier would be fun!

In case you were wondering, we do indeed have a boy and girl name picked out for Baby Bum #2. We've actually had both names before R was even born, and it was shockingly easy to come to an agreement, so whatever we have boy or girl, we are ready!

R has started signing "please" and nodding her head "yes" when we ask her questions and it's the cutest thing you've ever seen. I cannot deny her anything, and I'm afraid she will soon learn my weakness and exploit it. Crafty little bean.

Speaking of R, we saved the giant box that her convertible carseat came in, and we have dubbed it her coloring box. We put her inside with some crayons and she can draw all over the walls of the box and she's contained for approximately 3.5 minutes. It's probably the best idea I've gotten from the Internet maybe ever. Seriously, where did we get our ideas before Pinterest? Oh the horror.

Need to confess something? Go right ahead!

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Heather @Lunging Through Life said...

We're struggling on the name front. Well, there's two that we're between. I also forget I'm pregnant! I felt kicks right around 16 weeks but I basically had to be sitting still to notice (and that doesn't happen much! haha)

StephTheBookworm said...

Can you believe I JUST saw Armageddon for the first time last year?!

Jerry is forever playing video games and swearing, yelling, etc. Oy!

Ashley H said...

I saw Armageddon on Netflix the other night and scrolled right past it because I knew it would make me cry. Unrelated to this post - the brick on your fireplace, is it painted? I've never seen a fireplace that color and it's really pretty!

Unknown said...

I've never seen Armag-whatever #spelling. Perhaps I shall watch it one evening this week now that I've restocked my tissue supply.

Brita Long said...

This is hilarious.

Also space, snakes, and robots are all awesome.

I'm an adult, and I want a coloring box, please.

LO said...

Space is one of my great fears too! I love space movies but can only handle so much at the Air and Space museum before I start panicking. Turned down many invitations to see Gravity because it was literally my worst nightmare.

Rachel Emily said...

I am actually SO GLAD to hear someone for real say they forget they are pregnant. I was seriously obsessed over every. tiny. thing. all. day. long. when I was pregnant so what a relief that would be! I can't stand movies about space, either. Like, don't even mention them to me. The Martian? PASSENGERS? No way, no thanks.

Kristen Skelton said...

Space obsessed husband over here, too! I got him a telescope for Christmas (like a nice, badass one) and I also got him this game from Amazon called Xtronaut where you have to build a rocket with the right power to launch the mission, etc. We've been playing it with the kids and they love it. Personally, space creeps me out.

Audrey Louise said...

Hahaha, I can't relate, but the video game conversations crack me up.
After watching The West Wing my husband got a little political-obsessed... but then the election happened and burned him out. Lol.
My bff is 35 weeks pregnant and it's funny how little she talks about this pregnancy as she did her first, lol!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I love your confession posts.

Armageddon on Netflix?? Oh, I'll be watching that. I remember thinking Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler's love was basically the most romantic thing ever. I'm a big Bruce Willis fan and would always ugly cry at the end. There are also so many good supporting characters. Bear and Rockhound are my favorite. "Guess what guys, it's time to embrace the horror! Look, we've got front row tickets to the end of the earth!"

You should watch Milk Money on Netflix. It's so cute and funny. Melanie Griffith and Ed Harris.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

SPACE IS TERRIFYING. This is not a joke, I got myself so worked up watching Gravity that I actually threw up. The thought of just floating out there NOPE NOPE NOPE. Chris still makes such fun of me because when would I ever be in space? But still. Terrifying.

Mimsie said...

If you like true NASA stories, go see Hidden Figures. We saw it Saturday night and it was SO good.

Nadine said...

Armageddon! I haven't watched that in forever, such a good movie. I have to agree with you though that the thought of space is a little terrifying. I mean we dont really know how big it is beyond what we are aware of! Crazy! I love the idea of coloring in a big box like that, so cool. And good for you guys having names picked out already. That was a long debated topic with Chris and I while I was pregnant. There were names we liked but it was hard to settle on one and we never did quite get a boys name. I had one picked out but I dont know that Chris was sold. Are you guys going to find out?

Jenny Evans said...

I recommend then that you NOT see Gravity with Sandra Bullock. I don't even have a specific fear of space, but I went to see it in an IMAX theater and practically left with PTSD!

AnneMarie said...

Space doesn't terrify me as much, but sometimes, watching movies of astronauts in rockets and shuttles makes me feel very claustrophobic. Has Jordan read "Spaceman," by Mike Massimino? I recently got it for review, and it's so, so good-it's Massimino's memoir about his unlikely journey to becoming an astronaut.
That's awesome that you found a way to contain R while she gets to color and enjoy herself! When we got married, Jacob and I got a white cardboard box/house thing for the reception. It was perfect for all of the little kids to play with and color!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

just reading your first paragraph gave me the heebie jeebies. KC is not allowed to watch those things while i'm around - well he's allowed, i will just leave. haha.
i love Armageddon. no shame.
i feel like KC has played that video game. hahaha

Melissa said...

Totally with you on forgetting you're pregnant!! I didn't believe it would happen either but it so has. I'm almost 28 weeks now and when I was anywhere below 18 weeks or so when I could really feel movement, I honestly never "felt" pregnant and it was so weird. So I forgot all the time! The only reason I remember now is because someone is squirming inside me all the time!

Danielle said...

I've never seen Armageddon! Sounds like a good one. And that's hilarious about the box... sounds like us as kids!

Rach said...

I love that you guys had names picked out for Baby #2 before R was even born. That's awesome!I love R's name and I'm looking forward to hearing what name you pick for this baby as well! Have you decided if you'll find out if Baby will be a girl or boy before she or he is born?

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

a robotic space in snake. I'm laughing!!! That's hilarious. I want to go to space. I think it would be so epic! If I could ride an elephant in space I think I would be in heaven. ha ha!

I have such mixed feelings about video games. I don't love them though. I think a lot of it is violent. I'm not here to judge people if they play them because Dave plays them. When I went to get my hair colored last time I told Dave he could pick the color and he pulled up one of his anime characters with bleach blonde hair and then massive pink stripes in the front. I probably rolled my eyes and said I'm so sorry I just can't do that. But for reals, false expectations cuz I will never look like that girl with boobs of steel and crazy hair. =)

I have a girl and boy name picked out and I have had my girl name picked out for probably 20 years now. =)

Kari said...

I highly recommend the movie "Hidden Figures," highlighting three African American women who played an intregal role in NASA's mission to put the first American into orbit. Thankful I got out to see it (my first movie in a theater since December 2015).

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Hahaha. Always love your confessions! I often forgot I was pregnant with baby #2 as well! No shame in the mom brain! ;)

Victoria said...

This post is too good!!!! :)

You know the line in the beginning..."Carl! Carl! Your Stoffer's Pot Pie has been sitting on the table for HALF AN HOUR." That's the only thing about that movie that has stayed with me. My brother and I still say it to each other. :D I feel heartless saying that.

Okay...Is that game Grand Theft Auto?!?!? There are some things about video games that I will NEVER understand. Never.

You'll have to keep us posted on how long you can forget you're pregnant! I'm genuinely curious.

Yay for baby names and not struggling to come up with them!!! That is always either the BEST or the WORST. I don't think there's an in between.

Boxes make awesome toys for kids. Sorry it's only lasting 3.5 minutes at this point.