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Well, TGIF, my good people. This week was long and hard, both emotionally and physically. Emotionally because some friends are dealing with some hard things right now, and physically because I have been sick for a literal week. IT'S SO FUN. But I keep telling myself that it could be worse. I could be puking (knock on wood). I have an atrocious head cold (again, seriously I just did this last month!) and was running a fever for two days and have a constant headache and coughing and can't breathe out of my nose, and because I'm pregnant I can't take any of the good stuff. Not that I'm complaining about being pregnant; it's just that I need a dang decongestant already. Send Kleenex.

But anyway, like I said, I think puking would be worse, so I'm clinging to that bright side. I thought I'd share another round of links + loves for you today! May your weekend be less snotty than mine.

-Just a friendly (and non-sponsored) reminder about my favorite online deal site. I want one of everything, please. Just recently I had a shipping issue, and their customer service is amazing!

-Did you know that you can make a custom photo book from Shutterfly using their new design service? It's free to try and only $10 to use! Seriously worth it to finally get that book you've haven't had time to put together. See the book I made here.

-I know these hoodies are expensive, but man are they too cute or what? For a special occasion, maybe? Or a major splurge. Or just because the baby needs it. I won't judge.

-If you want to talk books, head on over to Torrie's blog. She's sharing some unpopular book opinions. I love these types of posts!

-Can we talk about how random this video is? I love it and I'm also amazed. This must have taken forever to put together!

-Newborn babies are cuddly and sweet, but to be quite honest, I actually did not enjoy the tiny stage very much and can definitely relate to this article.

-Consider supporting Mercy House through either their Fair Trade Friday program or by donating $21 per month to support a graduate of Rehema House. My sister-in-law's sister works for them, so I can tell you it's legit. Such a wonderful cause!

-So I saw this on Christina's blog and I just don't even know what to think. A burger meal delivery service?!? Anything really is possible.

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  1. I hope you start feeling better soon! Checking out Brickyard Buffalo now. I'm always looking for cute stuff! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the article about newborns. Maybe it was my raging PPD or my difficult recovery and breastfeeding issues, but those were some AWFUL weeks. The toddler days have their own unique challenges, but I'm pretty sure I would take them over the newborn days any day. Probably. Maybe.

  3. I keep reading about people who've had success with "Make My Book". Am I the only one who had a complete failure? Like it was laughably bad (even cropping was off). I had to basically start all over.

    1. Really? :( oh man that's annoying. At least you didn't have to pay for the service, right? (Hopefully) I was honestly surprised mine turned out as well as it did. I had low expectations since I'm so picky lol. I only swapped out a few pictures and overall I liked mine a lot. I'm sorry that happened! Definitely not a good first experience for sure.

  4. I hope you start feeling better and that you are able to get some rest this weekend!

  5. not to be a buzzkill, but I have had the same cold and I'm almost at two weeks going strong. the good news is that I'm definitely almost better. this is the worst crud I've ever had!

  6. girl, i feel you. i've had a bad head cold all week as well. i woke up today and finally felt human. :)

  7. Ugh, I'm sorry you're sick! I've had basically the same thing for over a week now, too. Thankfully I'm on the upswing, but you're right - none of the medicines you can take seem to work very well. Annoying but, agreed, I'd rather have this than puking.

    That lip sync video is pretty awesome, I can't imagine how long that took!

  8. Oh no so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Having a cold while pregnant is the worst because it wouldn't be a big deal if you could take the drugs that help tremendously! I have never seen Brickyard buffalo and now I am going down a black hole of cuteness. Like the rompers they have right now!!! STOP! and I can relate to some of the woes of a newborn. They are so sweet and precious, but so draining on emotions and just physically with the no sleep thing.

  9. Thanks for sending a little extra love to my blog! That always makes me happy :)

    And being sick while pregnant is definitely the worst since being pregnant is kind of already hard anyway (and then to not be able to take anything on top of it...ugh...). Hopefully you get some good rest in this weekend and kick it for good!

    And it's interesting that you posted that article about the newborn stage because I didn't realize it while I was going through it, but it wasn't my favorite either (and I had a relatively easy time of it since my baby slept (at night, at least) better than many babies). I'm kind of only realizing it now that I'm watching my friend's newborn that it's kind of a frustrating stage to be in since you are always guessing the baby's needs...I definitely prefer my daughter a little older, since now she can tell me exactly what she wants! ha ha

  10. I sent that newborn article to my SIL so thank you for sharing. Also, going to check out this deal site now :)

  11. I too, am not a fan of the newborn stage! Good article! That hoodie is adorable! Crazy how expensive though! Speaking of expensive... that burger delivery service isn't cheap! Looks delicious though!! Hope you feel better!

  12. Heading over to check out that post about books right now. And then I'm going to watch that Valentine's lip sync video again. I'm amazed. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. Oh man, I hope you feel better soon! I had something that sounds really similar a couple of weeks ago and it was terrible! Though like you said, at least it's not puking. The stomach bug keeps going around here (through our friends AND Christopher's coworkers) and so far (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD), we haven't gotten it this winter. Praying that continues!

    That Valentine lip sync video was hilarious!


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