that time I went on a road trip with Lebron James and other random happenings


^^^ I will have you know that she was the first one to stick her tongue out. The selfie game is strong with this one.

Today's post is a collection of random funny/interesting things that have happened recently.

With R, I don’t specifically remember a time when I started crying about random things, for example, a TV commercial or whatever. But a month or so ago, I was sitting on the floor with R reading The Little Engine that Could, and when I got to the end when the engine is saying, “I think I can I think I can,” I legit teared up and could barely finish reading. It was the strangest thing but, you guys, he thought he could and he DID. Why has no one made a Hollywood movie about this inspirational gem?

My pregnancy dreams haven’t been too intense so far, but I did have a week or so when I consistently remembered my dreams and they were all insane. I didn’t write any down, which I now regret, but I do remember one: I was on a road trip with LeBron James from Oklahoma to France. We drove and it took us three days. LeBron kindly drove the whole way. We came around the side of a mountain, and I immediately saw Big Ben (which in my dream meant that I was in France, don’t think too hard about it). I rolled down the window and shouted, “I’m a tourist! This is my first time in France!” People turned to point and stare, and then I woke up. In case you’re interested, LeBron was a lovely traveling companion.

On Friday some of my coworkers went to Sam’s to get a bunch of office supplies (and most importantly, three giant bags of chocolate for the candy bowl in our kitchen). I was carrying two boxes of trash bags when our receptionist ran over shouting, “Amanda, don’t lift anything! Don’t lift anything!” I thought maybe I should remind her that R is 25 pounds and I lift her like 100 times a day. Do you want to know the secret to amazingly toned arms? Just find yourself a toddler, preferably one you know or things could get weird/illegal.

Our mornings are usually pretty rushed because I’ve started sleeping in until 6:30. (I’m so lazy, ha!) I have a lot of stuff to get together for both R and myself, and Jordan is getting himself together and helping me too, and we seem to always do that thing where we are in each other’s way and bumping into each other all over the house. I was leaning over the crib to get R out, and he leaned down to kiss her, and right then I turned and he head butted me on the bridge of my nose where my glasses were and knocked me to the ground! Rude. Also a few weeks ago, R accidentally (so I assume) wacked me in the nose with the remote control and I instantly started crying. She must have hit a nerve because I was sobbing and it didn’t even really hurt that bad. Embarrassing.

My work is walking distance to the downtown library, and during my lunch break I like to walk down there if it’s nice out and return books or get some new ones. Downtown OKC is really nice, and they’ve done a lot in the last few years to fix it up, but there are still homeless people and just randoms walking around that I try to avoid. Picture me: with my boots and sweater and coat on, holding a few books and talking on my cell phone (to my mom). And a guy stops to ask me if I have a cigarette. I’m not saying you should judge based on appearance, but actually do I look like someone who would have a cigarette? Hopefully no.

A friend and I went to Panera for dinner two weekends ago, and sitting across from us we noticed a dad and his daughter. He was wearing a tie, and she was in a fancy dress, so they were obviously on a father-daughter date of some kind. I felt like I was watching a scene from a movie, and I took a creeper picture and texted it to Jordan and told him that would be him with R some day. It was seriously the sweetest thing and I just got all emotional thinking about R and Jordan dressing up and going on a date like that. The cutest!

Speaking of Jordan, major shoutout to my main squeeze. He passed his electrician's exam last week to get his unlimited journeyman's license! I was so, so proud of him that he passed on the first try and got one of the highest scores that lady working the desk said she'd seen. He has a difficult job that I respect so much and doesn't always get a lot of credit. (I mean could you wire an entire house?) The test was 105 questions, 4 hours long, pass or fail only, and he got a 92! I am a proud wife.

People keep asking me if I've had any pregnancy cravings. Similar to when I was pregnant with R, I really can't point to anything specifically and say that is a craving, because it's stuff like ice cream and Mexican food and chocolate chip cookies. Do those really count as a craving related to being pregnant? BUT. On Friday night, I put R down for bed and then was in the kitchen heating up my leftovers for dinner when I suddenly realized that if I wasn't able to eat some fruit right now I was going to freak out. I love fruit normally, so this isn't weird in itself, but the level of need I felt for strawberries and grapes and oranges was a bit insane. I was already in my pjs but I changed clothes and drove to the store at 8:30 at night. So, I guess I just had my first real pregnancy craving and it was for $50 worth of fruit.

I hope you all have a great week and a lovely Valentine's day tomorrow! I am excited about my teacher and kid gifts that I made for R's daycare this year.

p.s. Speaking of Valentine's Day, head over to Michelle's blog! She writes an annual post of hilarious Valentine's that I think you'll enjoy.
Lindsay {Typically Late} said...

My pregnancy dreams were never too weird, but they were much more vivid than my standard dreams - I could always remember the tiniest details! Brains are strange. :)

Kayla MKOY said...

So sweet about that father/daughter at Panera and I'm LOLing at your roadtrip w/ Lebron! Too funny!!!

Jen said...

Hahaha love the roadtrip with Lebron!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Your road trip dream is hilarious. And melt my heart on the father/daughter date. I'm excited for Kevin and Ava to go on father/daughter dates.

Congrats to Jordan on the big PASS!! That's awesome. I used to work for a plumbing/heating/electrical/construction company in HR and I remember how hard those guys (girls too, but I never worked with girls in those positions!) would work each day, and have to find time to study for those Journeyman exams.

Megan said...

you had me at Lebron James. *where is the laughing emoji on a computer?*

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh I love your dream! Pregnancy dreams are so bizarre. I wish I had written my down, but I remember frequently dreaming about giving birth to bunnies and kittens. Also one in which my dad hired me as a cemetery photographer in California? I don't know.

Thanks for the shout out!! :)

Laura Darling said...

Aww that story about the daddy/daughter date made me tear up just reading it! How sweet! Your dream about LeBron James and the road trip cracked me up!

Maria said...

I had a dream that Zac Efron was my cousin and we were at summer camp together. Natalie Portman was the guest speaker. Also, Donald Trump chased me down a hallway and I screamed and ran. Entertaining.

The daddy/daughter date. Oh man. Waterworks.

Congrats to Jordan! He deserves some Hamburger Helper.

Angi said...

Pregnancy dreams really are the weirdest. I had one the other night where I got pulled over for speeding, ran from the cops, got caught, then was required by law to turn in a copy of the police report to my employer. "Mortified" doesn't even begin to cover it. I know it stemmed from a story my husband told me about someone they arrested in town the other night who did basically the same thing (except she had crashed her car while drunk and then ran, she wasn't pulled over for speeding), but still. I also had a dream the other night involving cats but I can't remember what it was...

Daddy/daughter dates are the CUTEST. I love that they both dressed up! And congrats to Jordan, that's awesome!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

congrats to jordan! that's awesome. i couldn't even wire half a house. haha. your dream about lebron cracked me up.

Danielle said...

Lol! I have so many crazy dreams that make no sense too!

Rachel said...

Your LeBron James roadtrip dream is the best. I love excitingly weird dreams. Recently I dreamed that my parents took the whole family to DisneyWorld but we only got to the park at like 2 in the afternoon and I'm like in stressed-out-tour-guide mode feeling both thankful that Mom and Dad decided to take the entire family to Disney but also wondering like why didn't we just wait a day to go so that we could have a whole day at the park instead of only half a day and how in the world am I supposed to make sure that everyone rides all the rides they want to with such limited hours!!! It was weirdly intense, ha!
Congrats to Jordan on passing that test, that has to feel really good!

Audrey Louise said...

Michelle's V-day posts are definitely hilarious!
I have no doubt that LeBron James would be an awesome roadtrip-buddy. Haha!
My best friend used to get SO MAD when people told her not to lift stuff during her first pregnancy. Lol.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Rach said...

Hahaha! Your Lebron James dream absolutely sounds like the sort of dreams I've been having lately. I need to start writing them down.

I love the gym and I enjoy working out and lifting weights and so do several of my friends. But my friend who has the BEST arms (like legit bulging and toned muscles that show even when her arm hangs at her side) never goes to the gym. However, she just so happens to have two very clingy toddlers. ;)

Congratulations to Jordan!! That's awesome!! Also the image of him with R having daddy-daughter dates is just precious!

Hooray for your first official craving! My older sister didn't have a craving until about halfway through her second pregnancy as well! She was so pleased because she'd always wanted to ask her husband to get up at 2am to run to the grocery store to buy pickles and ice cream, but never felt the need during the first pregnancy. She finally got it during the second, though! I can't remember what it was, but there was something that she just had to have! :)

Unknown said...

Could you please explain what someone who would have a cigarette looks like and doesn't look like? That comment really threw me for a loop as I otherwise love your writing and content...

The Lady Okie said...

Hi, Lydia. Looking back I agree my wording was confusing :) I just meant because I'm pregnant, not because I looked or didn't look a certain way. But I suppose the person wasn't necessarily looking at me that closely (which I'm glad about in retrospect. You never know when you're walking downtown!). Also because I was on the phone clearly talking to someone and to interrupt someone to ask if they have a cigarette seemed odd and I was like, even if I did have a cigarette, I'm busy and my hands are full! I always wonder if people who go around asking for cigarettes ever get one and also, like what are you going to do in a half hour when it's gone? Do they wander around all day asking people for a cigarette? It confuses me.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

That dream is hilarious! I can totally see a tourist yelling like that though. Although I would imagine it to be an Asian doing that not a white person. Yes, that might sound racial but after living in Asia for 2 years that is something they would definitely do AND they'd be holding a selfie stick out the window while they yelled.

Yay for Jordan! So what will he do with that license now? My grandpa was an electrician. I wish he had lived longer so I could have learned things from him.

I've been hit in the nose at swimming lessons and it hurts so bad. Even a softer hit makes me cry.

Victoria said...

Every time I wander over to your blog I wonder why I haven't been keeping up with it regularly!!! Here I am catching up on a month's worth of posts and every single one of them is SOOO good. This one may be my favorite?!? Of course...I'll probably say that about all of them.

Congrats to Jordan!!! You know this already, but that's super impressive!

Your mashed up dream is hilarious! Those are just the kinds of dreams I have. They always make me wonder WHERE they came from.

Okay..The creeper picture is good. I usually purpose to crop people out of pictures that I'm taking, but every now and then, I've ended up with shots that have people in them. Sometimes it's on purpose and other times it's truly an accident. Glad to know that I'm not alone in this! I'm NOT being creepy. Except, that it kind of is.

This comment is getting long, so I guess I'll stop.