Balloons and Lights


Last weekend, when I was in Texas, my family went to see some Christmas lights. Apparently there's this town that's famous (in Texas, at least) for its Christmas festivities. This town was featured on the news, and since we all know the news is right about everything, obviously these lights were going to be the most fantastic thing we'd ever seen.

We arrived at the town square and pulled into a parking lot. A lot of people were standing around taking pictures of something, and when we looked, we were shocked to see a line of hot air balloons in a large field! Some of them were decorated with Christmas lights, and all of them were sitting on the ground, rising into the air many, many feet above our heads. 

I don't think I've ever even seen a hot air balloon in real life in the sky, so to be able to see one so close on the ground was pretty cool. 

Every so often, all the balloon managers or whatever they're called would light the fire at the same time, so all the balloons lit up at once. This is what it looked like from the balloon we were standing by at the time. The flame got really hot and bright and burned for only a few seconds at a time.

It looked cool from farther away too.

After we got bored looking at the balloons, we set off for the lights. When we got to the square, we wondered if we'd come to the right place. I mean, there were lights, but overall we weren't that impressed. 

"Uh...this is it?" That's what we all said as we looked around. "Why was this on the news?"
We walked around for about ten minutes before deciding to head to dinner. We called the restaurant and ordered (we had planned to pick the food up and take it home), and we had just started walking back toward the car when we heard music. 

Then more lights came on, which we quickly realized were in time with the music. Flashing reds and blues and whites turned on and off in time with Christmas tunes that were blaring from a loud speaker somewhere. 

"Okay, I guess this is kinda cool." That's what we all said as we looked around.

Come to find out, the special lights show was scheduled to begin at 6:00. If we'd left five minutes earlier, and we would have missed it completely. But I decided that for me it wouldn't have been a total loss. I thought the balloons were still pretty cool.