(Installment 8) My Next 9 Weeks


For those who've kept up with me during my weekly goals, I'm sad to report that I've got nothing this week. I'm still reading World War Z, so we're just gonna say that's this week's goal too. That and convincing myself to get up before 6:00 each morning are about all I can handle at this point. I would feel bad, but I'm too excited about Christmas!

I'm excited for snow and seeing family and a thirteen-hour road trip (yes, I really am excited about that). I hear it's the coldest it's been in Chicago in one hundred years! Good. I've had about enough of this seventy-degrees-in-December business. I mean seriously. And last night the Bears clinched their division. Know what that means? PLAYOFFS! See? I'm quite excited.

I'll make up for my seemingly lack of a goal by thinking of something awesome for week nine. I promise. I need to send 2010 off with a bang.