This One's For the Girls


Just under two months ago I wrote about why I'm excited for the end of football season. It was because of the fantasy football league I'm in at work; I was getting super stressed about my team and about making good decisions and not looking stupid. 

Fast forward seven weeks, and I am now in the final round of playoffs. It's me vs. a coworker for all the glory (and $100). Having beaten a host of boys, I feel pretty proud of myself. I can hang with the guys every so often, and apparently I have really good sports luck. 

Last year I paid $10 and entered into my company's March Madness pool, where I also went to the finals and ended up losing by about 5 points. I hope that doesn't happen this time. No, I'd like to win one for the girls and show those boys what's up.

This weekend and next will determine the winner. My team is The Ball Grabbers. I hope it lives up to its name. 

Then I can finally focus on real football and root for my Bears all the way to the Super Bowl.