Flashback Friday--Homemade Ornaments


I promised in an earlier post that I would show you two ornaments made by younger me, and I am here to deliver.


I'm not going to pretend this ornament isn't creepy. As if it wasn't obvious, I painted this myself at some point in elementary school. Something happened with the mouth. I blame the fact that I'm left-handed. I know that had something to do with the (what I can only assume is supposed to be lipstick) smudge. I have no idea what the random gold sparkles are there for, but they completely cover the other side of this ornament. I've bedazzled this creepy snowman to the max.


This next one always makes it on the tree even though it's of rather awkward rectangular size. I used to hate this ornament, but it's grown on me over the years, and now I kinda like it. I made this in kindergarten, which I know because that's my school picture in the top left corner. (It was the only year I had bangs.) 

Like the red smudge in the above ornament, this lovely piece of pure genius artwork has an unfortunate smudge of blue paint. I can only assume that I was finger painting, and my finger slipped. It would also seem that I got interrupted in my careful organization of a purple/white/blue pattern and was forced to paint the rest of the border with black. 

You can see why I'm not currently making my living as an artist. Clearly I was not destined to draw or paint or anything of the sort. I bet I hurried to finish my ornaments each year so I could get back to my book. 
*Just for fun, see if you can find one of these two ornaments in the tree photo in my earlier post. Don't try to find both of them, because you will be looking forever.
Amber Marie said...

I believe you were giving that snowman glittery eyebrows! And I hope he doesn't try to go running, because as we have discussed in the past, glitter in they eyeball equals instant blindness. That diva snowman. And those snowflakes on the second ornament are huge! You dream big, girl :) I love them both! Thanks for linking up with me.