My Favorite Family Ornaments


This past weekend I drove to Texas for Christmas. I know it's not actually Christmas yet, but in three days we're headed for the blizzard that is Illinois, so we celebrated our family Christmas the week before. While I was home, I took pictures of my favorite ornaments, which I am now going to display proudly for all to see.
You can find these at most craft shows--the made-by-design family ornaments complete with names and heads enough for each member. They grow as the years continue (or shrink as family pets are taken to the "farm"). I really like all the family ornaments my mom has bought over the years, but I took a picture of my personal favorites (during which time my sister asked me what I was doing and why I was taking up-close photos of our tree).

[Preview: You'll also want to come back for this week's Flashback Friday, which will highlight two awesome ornaments made by yours truly.]

First, the tree, Texas style: 

(From this angle you can see at least three of the following ornaments. See if you can spot them just for fun.)

And now I give you, a few of my favorite family ornaments:

#1: Okay, I lied. This is obviously not a family ornament. Or is it...? I was, after all, the firstborn. So technically I was the family. Agreed? Okay good.

So this is my first ornament, and I think it's so cute. The bear has eyelashes and a red bow! This is probably the reason red is my favorite color.

I love this ornament. I love the over-sized star at the top and the red heart in the middle. I love the gingerbread people and the fact that my parents are holding hands (as much as two gingerbread people can hold hands). Amanda and Daniel. The original Reese crew. [I'm going to ignore the fact that there is an unnecessary apostrophe placement in our name. Craft people shouldn't be expected to know grammar, right?]


This next one is great. I love the dog sitting by the fire  Jack was our dog for as long as I can remember. He died when he was sixteen, I think, about five years ago. He lived a good life. We'd added Austin to the family by this point, and I love the three stockings. And they're red! Brilliant. [Again, please disregard the apostrophe. Thank you.]

Last but not least... 


This might be the most recent family ornament; it's the whole fam circa 2006--Sarah included. I think the floating heads are funny. And I think it's hilarious that I'm just chilling at the bottom. The snowman is the O, which is super clever, and...wait for it...a red bird! Sensing a theme yet?

Family ornaments are fun, and I love how different they all are. Whether it be the actual design or the amount of names, you'll never get two the same. Over the years, we've cut back on the amount of ornaments we hang on the tree; but I'm glad these still make it up there every year. They're some of my favorites.

[Note: you should be able to spot at least three of these in the tree picture above.]

Merry Christmas!