Bread and Installment 7


On Saturday, I stayed home and drank a lot of this:

And made a loaf of this:

My bread turned out all right. It still wasn't as light as I would have liked, but it was an improvement on the first two tries, so I am considering it a success.

(It's supposed to be higher...right? I think so.)

I talked to my friend's mom (she's the one I got the recipe from), and she said it took her a lot of trial and error to get her bread right. In the wise, comforting words of a mother, she told me, "I've been making bread for twenty years. Believe me, I've made more than a few bricks." 

That made me feel better. If I just keep trying, by 2030 I'll be making delicious loaves of bread. By then, of course, I'll own a robot servant who will make the bread for me in a floating oven. Ah, the future. Something to look forward to. 

In all seriousness, it was a pretty good day. Resolution for week 6 in the books, and I need something new for week 7. 

As I was thinking about what to commit to this week, I realized that lately I've gotten out of the habit of reading for pleasure. In my defense, reading all day makes my eyes tired, and I usually just don't have it in me to read something when I could be blankly staring at the TV. 

However, Jordan picked out a book for me to read, like, a month ago, and it's been slooooow going. I feel bad, because it's not because I don't like the book but more about the fact that I'm busy/tired/sick of reading. Nevertheless, the time has come for me to stop being lame. Thus, my installment for week 7 (which will actually include week 8 as well because I feel the need to give myself a cushion):

By Saturday, December 24, I will be finished with World War Z.  

Merry Christmas, Jordan. You can have your book back.
And merry Christmas, me. You can feel more accomplished and proud of yourself. 

Everyone wins.
Amy Nielson said...

oh man, what is better than hot chocolate & homemade bread? not much. good luck w/ the book reading :)