A Few Things I'm Into Right Now


This past Saturday I spent hours planning the wedding ceremony songs and reception songs/itinerary. That was a load off, since it's been on my to-do list for a month now. But I knew it would take me a good chunk of time, so I kept putting it off. After emailing the final list to the DJ, I felt like I'd accomplished something great.

Still, though, it never ends. There are gifts to buy, rings to size, guestbooks to make, RSVPs to track down, and a host of other wedding insanity items.

And the days tick down. 
Yesterday it was 33.
Today it's 32. 
I think you see where this is going.

And in between emails and phone calls and general planning, there are a few things that I'm into right now:

1. Jillian Michaels's 30-day shred. I know I've talked about this before, but I'm really enjoying it. As much as one can enjoy sweating profusely. I've always wanted to try one of those at-home workout DVDs just to see if I'd like it, and I do. Now, whether or not I'll like it when there's a boy around to stare at me remains to be seen.

2. Cooking. I honestly missed cooking. In my old apartment, I packed my pots and pans up pretty early in preparation for moving. Then I stayed with Hannah for a week; then I was in my new apartment for a week before I got all my stuff moved in and organized. So it was roughly three and a half weeks during which time I ate out and microwaved hot pockets. Not only did I not like spending money all the time, but I missed cooking. So over the past month or so I've been cooking a lot, wanting to try any new recipe I come across that looks good. Most recently a few friends and I got together and tried Pioneer Woman's chicken tacos. This involved frying corn tortillas, which was harder than it looked but ended up being really good. I will be trying this again.

3. Reading. I just finished The Hobbit and really enjoyed it. Reading a fun book for pleasure where I don't need to edit is quite refreshing. I've also had a book on hold at the library for a few weeks and just picked up Unbroken yesterday. I read the preface last night and am looking forward to reading more. I personally always feel more accomplished and happy when I spend a few hours before bed reading instead of watching Netflix. However, Netflix is great, which brings me to...

4. Friday Night Lights (the show). I can't seem to escape my friend Audra, who's always writing blog posts about shows and books and movies; and since I trust and respect her opinion, I at least have to give it an honest try. She hasn't disappointed me yet. So when she said FNL was good, I decided to give it a shot. Two seasons later (read: instant play on Netflix), I'm still liking it. It's not something I'd watch with Jordan, because I do feel a little silly what with all the high school drama. But it's been keeping me entertained on those nights when my eyes can't read another word. 

5. Real Simple magazine. A few months ago, my mom bought a copy of Real Simple Weddings. Inside was a card for a free year's subscription to Real Simple. Of course, because I love free stuff, I mailed that sucker back in right away. I'm not big on magazines, subscriptions anyway. They just clutter up my counter and don't contain much that's interesting. But hear this: I love Real Simple. It's fun to read and full of great ideas for cleaning, organizing, cooking, shopping, and more. I just got my second issue in the mail and am loving it. And let me just say that I would say it's worth it even if I had to pay for it.

So that's what I've been doing, sandwiching fun between my regular life activities like work, church, violin practice, and tennis (read: I've resigned myself to matching my wedding dress. I have not been tanning).
Anonymous said...

wow, a lengthier post! I like it.

Because of all the comments I want to make, I shall use a list. Here we go.

1) You emailed a list to the DJ? I suppose this seems logical. However, I have never thought about how this actually works in real life. In short (without taking you into the inner workings of my mind), I'm impressed.

2) You are not the first bride I have heard say, "It never ends." Which makes me wonder . . . what happens on the day of? What happens when something doesn't get done? Everyone always says, "In the end, you end married, and that is the important part." Blah blah blah. I get that. But I want to know what really does happen if something falls through the cracks. So just FYI - as you are greeting me after the ceremony, this will be the question I ask you.

3) Two grammar comments, sorry: a) in between need not be hyphenated [unless it's adjectival], and b) Isn't Jillian's last name Michaels (not Michael)? Just checking. I could be wrong. I didn't Google it.

4) I am glad you're enjoying the shred, no matter what crazy-face's name is. I am considering purchasing it . . . so I can convince myself to stay fit even on days that I don't want to run (which are many).

5) I have a friend who fries corn tortillas. He does it very well. And they are delicious. That being said, it IS a difficult process, and I'm impressed that you learned how. On taco nights (which are weekly, on Fridays), when said friend is absent from the festivities, we all eat only regular flour tortillas because nobody else knows how to do it.

6) "Can't seem to escape" ? Have you been trying? Hmm. I think a DTF might be in order here.

7) It warmed my heart to read that you "trust and respect" my opinion. It also made me feel nervous for a second about some of the stuff I've recommended, but then I remembered there's quite a bit that I love and have enjoyed and have whiled away Netflix hours on without ever telling anyone (except my housemate because for some reason he always wants to know what I'm watching). So, nervousness abated.

8) A coworker of mine loves this magazine. And another friend of mine whose blog I follow has been raving about it as well. Hmm.

9) SO glad you haven't been tanning! You are going to look amazing, so don't even worry about it.

10) I think I numbered correctly this time.


Amanda said...

1) Yes I did. It took a while.
2) I guess I meant it never ends until the wedding day. Then, of course, it ends.
3) Yes, it is Michaels. The possessive threw me.
4) It is nice to be able to work out without leaving my apt.
5) It's not that hard once you get the hang of it. But getting the hang of it led to a few tortilla casualties.
6) Haha. I just meant can't escape your reviews and suggestions and recommendations. I feel like I haven't tried anything new in a while; I just keep taking suggestions.
7) Good.
8) I like it a lot. (Tonight I'm trying a meatloaf recipe that I got from the April issue!)
9) Thanks!
10) Yeah that was crazy :)

Tiffani P said...

I love Real Simple, too! I always find great tips for cleaning and working out, and terrific recipes. I stopped having almost any magazine subscriptions for the reasons you said above, but as long as I can afford it, I'll subscribe to Real Simple. :)

Love reading your posts, Amanda!