A Jillian Update


This morning was my 5th day of the shred. Since I started a week ago, I've done 3 days of level 1, 1 day of level 2, and 1 day of level 1.

Sorry if that was confusing. 

The point is, despite my initial soreness, I actually do feel a (slight) difference. Level 2 is hard, though, so I think I'll hang there for a while before attempting level 3.

I'm saying the hard work-out is the reason I've been craving food lately. I have a bunch of recipes I want to try, mostly from this month's issue of Real Simple magazine. There's the recipe for deep-dish pepperoni pizza that looks good as well as a bacon and Gruyere meatloaf, which I am going to try soon.

I actually went to the store yesterday to buy the ingredients for it, but in the middle of the store I changed my mind and decided to make my favorite: BLTs. 

Last night Jordan and I went to our second-to-last pre-marital counseling session. One more, and we're all ready for marriage! Right?

Also, I'm picking up our engagement pictures today, so I'll be posting some soon. I'm quite excited. For now, I'll leave you with the only one I have: 

According to my friend Audra (who is nothing but honest), I look tall, and Jordan looks like he has huge muscles. When I told Jordan this, he said, "Well, that's because I do have huge muscles. And you are tall."

I'm also not looking at the camera. 
Or...maybe I am. I tend to get shifty eyes sometimes.  
I'm very suspicious.
Lauren said...

Yeah... tall & big muscles was my immediate assessment too. But cute is another important adjective to include in there. Can't wait to see the rest1

Anonymous said...

Haha - Jordan's response. Love it. You know what else I've realized today? He also, at least in this pic, looks just like this guy:


And THAT is a compliment. Because that guy is hot!


PS My word verification is squad! An actual word! How exciting.