Flashback Friday--A (Suspicious?) Gchat Conversation


Okay, so you know that the proposal was a complete surprise. Shock of my life.

What you don't know is that I should have seen it coming. And I'm about to show you why. This is the part where you say, "Wow. I can't believe you didn't get suspicious. You're really gullible."

Yes, yes I am.
But should I have been that suspicious or did Jordan just do a good job being casual? You decide.

{This is a real conversation that happened between Jordan and I on December 7, 2010}

boyfriend: Hey!
8:38 AM me: hello!
 boyfriend: I need to know your ring size
8:39 AM boyfriend: For your actual ring finger cause my mom wants to know
  Cause I think she might be getting you some ring thing that mallory [note: his sister] has
8:40 AM But dont tell her I told you
 me: i'm confused. so she told you to ask for my ring size.
 boyfriend: Yes
 me: for what finger?
8:41 AM why do you think she's getting me a ring Mallory has?
 boyfriend: Your ring finger
  Cause she was talking about it
8:42 AM me: why would she buy me a ring for my ring finger?
 boyfriend: Its some Jesus ring that had hebrew written around it
8:43 AM For christmas and shes seen you wear rings.
 me: okay. well, okay, i think the ring Cori gave me that fits my middle finger is a 9
8:44 AM so that means my ring finger would be a... 7?
 boyfriend: She told me to find out secretly buy I didnt know how so I just asked
 me: i'd like a ring like that. that's a good idea.
8:45 AM boyfriend: Hmm
 me: i'll try to find out more for sure. maybe ask around and see if anyone's ring finger ring fits me.
  sorry i got confused. that was just so, so random.
8:47 AM boyfriend: Its ok. She just reminded me this morning and I didn't wanna forget.
 me: okay. i'll figure it out and let you know./
 boyfriend: Shes on a christmas mission
 boyfriend: okay.
  I gotta go
Anonymous said...

well. you KNOW my opinion.

but the mind thinks what it wants to. a personality that craves surprise will subconsciously block suspicion and take everything at face value (most times) because of the joy of surprise.

and you WERE surprised, in the end, so I'm glad you didn't suspect him.


Amy Nielson said...

hahahaha, that is hilarious. you ARE gullible ;P

Jess said...

Hah! I love it. My favorite part is, "Its some Jesus ring...". I can totally hear Jordan saying that. You guys are hilarious.