The Last One


On Tuesday night I had my last bridal shower. It was held at my church, and I was happy to see people there supporting Jordan and I, joining in the excitement of our wedding being just over two weeks away. We got some much-needed stuff like a vacuum cleaner, bookshelf, coffee maker, TV trays, and a host of other useful items that I can't wait to find a place for. 

"Finding a place" being the important phrase. We're going to have to be creative about fitting stuff into the apartment. 

So as the wedding nears, people keep asking me if there's a lot left to do. The answer is both yes and no. Yes because there are still some small details to take care of--logistics, if you will, of cleaning up the reception and moving the gifts and taking care of the guest book; there are gifts to get for certain people and final bills due and time lines to figure out. All that stuff really can't be finalized until we get really close. 

But we (basically my mom and I) have done a lot. Yesterday we met with Kristen, the photographer, and we talked about pictures I wanted and where and of whom and the time line of everything the way I envision it in my head. And we met with the manager of the hotel where people have booked rooms, and we made sure everything was looking good over there. We talked to Casey, who is manager at the activity center where we're having the reception. She drew out a map for us of where we'd like the tables set up and where the dance floor was going to be. We chose a linen color and made a final decision on how many tables and chairs to rent. 

We handed off the last of the flowers we bought for the centerpieces to Janay, who's working on the flowers and getting vases for them, etc. 

My mom also helped me hang a few things on the wall in our apartment, so now it's starting to look cute and homey.

Now, something really important. Finding the perfect (nice but cheap) bedroom set. Currently in our soon-to-be bedroom is a dresser with my clothes in it and a long mirror. Nothing else. And since in sixteen days we plan on living and sleeping there, we really need to do something about that situation.

There's also a small issue of registering at Home Depot, which I won't go into right now. 

I'm excited, nervous, and everything in between. 
Ready or not, it's coming.