22 Months and/or 27 Days


As of today, June 10, Jordan and I have been dating 22 months. But four weeks ago from tomorrow we got married, so we had to start over at 0, which means today we're at 27 days, which isn't actually a very interesting number, so you probably don't care. Heck, I don't even care.

I will, however, tell you that in the past 27 days I have learned two interesting things about Jordan that I didn't know before; both of these things probably would have been helpful to know before we got married. Back then (27 days ago), I had the freedom to reevaluate my relationship status situation. Now, I'm stuck. 

Interesting thing #1: When Jordan gets sick, it hits him immediately and it hits him hard. I bet he's probably contagious for a while before it hits, flying under the radar, infesting me with his germs. And then...it strikes, and he's laid up for a week, drinking two liters of Sprite a day (not kidding), leaving boxes of pills strewn about, and coughing all night. And, we're living together now, so I can't very well just say, "I'm going home now. See you later." Duh, we are home, and it's me (instead of his mom) who takes him to the doctor now and picks up his prescriptions. Because I'm his wife. Weirdness. Not that I mind taking care of him, but some warning would be nice. At least give me time to stockpile liters of Sprite.

I guess maybe that thing isn't so interesting. But it's something I learned, because on Sunday Jordan was running a 101-degree fever, and he's been sick all week. Poor guy.

Interesting thing #2: Jordan has a serious problem in the form of a man crush on Nathan Fillion. This became extremely evident two nights ago while we were watching an episode of Castle. (This might be a repeat story, because I posted this on Facebook as well, just to make sure I really got the word out. People need to know.)

Anyway, so we recently started going through seasons of Castle, which, in case you didn't know, stars Nathan Fillion. Occasionally while we're watching, Jordan will make a comment about how awesome Nathan Fillion is, how funny, etc., but this time in the opening scene Nathan Fillion walked out in his character's outfit from the show Firefly, which Jordan is also a fan of, seeing as how it stars Nathan Fillion. 

So Jordan leaped off the couch (wait...I thought he was sick?) and shouted, "WHAT?!"
Then he paused the screen.
"Mal?" I asked.
He proceeded to text two of his [read: male] friends and then continued to be giddy with excitement. 
He continued on like this for a few more minutes before finally sitting back down. Then he pressed "rewind" on the remote and watched the entire scene again.

When he finally turned to face me, I must have looked upset, because he immediately put his arm around me and said, "But don't worry. I have a woman crush on you."

Hmm. Honestly, I'm...not sure what that means. And, sorry to tell you, Jordan, but that doesn't really make it less weird. A woman crush? Yeah, no more of that.

Pleaseandthank you.
Anonymous said...

One of your best blog posts by far. I laughed very hard and out loud at this. "I have a woman crush on YOU." Love it.