Being a Bridesmaid


For the rest of the week, I'll be in Illinois. My friend Erin is getting married, and it's my [first!] turn to be a bridesmaid. Though technically I suppose I'm now a bridesmatron, right? But that sounds stupid.

That's a picture of Erin and I at my wedding, and I'm super pumped to take one of me with the bride. This will be fun.

Of course, this is also my first separation from my dear husband. I tried to set him up with enough meal choices for the week, but also I have no doubt his mom will get wind of the fact that he's home alone and invite him over for dinner. Either that or he'll cook rice every night. Ah well, I'm out of here, and he's a big boy who can fend for himself.

Illinois is waiting.

On that note, I will leave you with one of the only post-wedding picture we've taken together (minus, of course, the honeymoon pictures I forced upon him). Ignore my red face and crazy hair. I had just gotten finished with a grueling tennis match (which you can read about here, if you're so inclined).

Lauren said...

Oooo the 2 of you look go glamorous together in your white & silver! And you're both gorgeous, just FYI.

As for the mister, I think he'll be just fine. :)