I'm Running Again


Last week I signed up for the Kansas City half marathon, which will be held in Kansas City (duh) on October 15. This will be my second half marathon, though this will actually be the third time I've trained for one. (For more info on why, see this post.)

So here's to 4ish months of training--logging miles, 100-degree heat, wind, and sweating. A lot.

Oh yes, and here's to my awesome GPS watch that Jordan gave me for Christmas last year. It really does make running outside so much more fun.

(Photo taken from this post, mostly because I'm too lazy to take another picture.).

Lauren said...

I've made the decision to run a half marathon too!!!! But not for another year. :) I'll need a LOT of prep time & have a total "eff this" attitude toward running in the summer. :)

Anonymous said...

woot! running! can't wait to do it with you. kansas city will be so glad to see you again. :)

also, glad you explained about the picture. before you did that, I was formulating this type of comment in my head: "your issue with the heat might have a little to do with the fact that you're wearing gloves in 100-degree temps." hehehe.


And Lauren, I don't know you, but I can tell you that if Reese and I can do a half (well, really if *I* can because Reese is crazy athletic naturally so she can do anything), then ANYONE can! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...
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