On Blogging and Such


Remember when I got that award for being beautiful? No, maybe it was for my blog being beautiful. Whatever. Well, now I'm also stylish! Thanks to Traci, who is quite stylish herself. 

So once again I will write down seven things about myself and then pass the award to someone else. 

1. Middle school was a pox on my life. I will not send my children there; luckily, I already know they’ll be geniuses who will skip right to college at the age of nine anyway.

2. I often have to resist the urge to use disclaimers in my blog posts and emails. I worry my sarcasm will be misunderstood (except by Audra, who just gets me).

3. I get inexplicably freaked out by the thought or act of running over plastic bags in my car. I fear it might get sucked up underneath and cause my car to break/explode.

4. I like walking on sidewalks.

5. I have played the violin in three weddings. No, I didn't play in mine.

6. Baking chocolate chip cookies calms me down when I'm stressed. Running does too, which works out well, since I usually make myself sick and fat eating cookie dough.

7. I currently am reading a very long book, which, at the rate I'm going, will take me months to finish. Jordan really wants to read it and has to wait till I'm done. Maybe he should have started first. 

Okay, and now to pass the award along. Here's to my good friend Cori. She's a wonderful, beautiful person who makes a daily commitment to live a life of frugality and humility. I think that's pretty stylish. 
Lauren said...

Story about plastic bag horribleness... once one got stuck in my BICYCLE!!! I didn't even see it coming, in blew into my wheel from the side & got all tangled in my gears & almost made me fall off. They're like sneaky ninjas & I think the fear of them is reasonable.

Amanda said...

Haha. "sneaky ninjas" :) That's crazy that it got caught in your bike! I'm telling you, plastic bags are a hazard. Thanks for affirming my fear.