Movie Review--Bridesmaids


On Friday, Jordan and I went to see Bridesmaids. He'd pretty much been boarded up in our apartment sick for a week, so he wanted to get out and see the world. Or... at least see a movie.

We narrowed down our choices due to time, length, and, most importantly, what movies were playing at the theater: Thor, X Men, Bridesmaids, and Super 8. Our final two picks were Super 8 and Bridesmaids, and since I'd heard from a couple of different people some good things about Bridesmaids, I made that our final choice. 

It started off with a scene showing two people involved, so I immediately was like, "Is this what this movie is going to be like?"

It, however, turned out not to be. The movie was funny, entertaining, even emotional at times. I really enjoyed how there wasn't a whole lot of crudeness or cursing, though the F word made an appearance more than I would have preferred (one of the reasons it was rated R). Overall, it was a good choice for a fun movie to see on a Friday night, and though I wouldn't say it was one I would care to watch over and over again, I would watch it again--with some girlfriends this time.

On a more personal note, I did enjoy watching those crazy bridesmaids, making me thankful for my friends, who certainly act (at least in public) more mature.

Oh yeah, and there was one super disgusting scene, which takes place after the characters get food poisoning. So beware. It was pretty gross.

Also, I made popcorn (NOT microwave; the real stuff) and stuffed a huge bag in my purse along with a bottle of water and a box of sour patch kids. Are you allowed to do that? No. But I did, and it was delicious. When you're forced to pay $10 each for a movie ticket, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Bottom line: movie of the year, it was not. But if you want a funny, entertaining movie, this is a good one. Jordan liked it too, so even though his first choice was Thor, in the end I don't think he minded seeing this chick flick with me.
Anonymous said...

Tell him Thor has been getting bad reviews. Then maybe he won't mind so much. Glad you (mostly) enjoyed it!