Flashback Friday--Crazy Bridesmaids


So here's another flashback with wedding pictures. (Cuz I can't stop looking at them and think no one else should either.) This time, I'd like to highlight my crazy bridesmaids. 

As you'll notice in the next picture, they took their shoes off for optimum jumping height.
Also, why is my grandpa standing out there with all the girls? The confused look on his face is normal, however. He always looks confused in pictures. Though since this is a candid, I guess that means he looks confused in real life too.

Finally, here's what happened with I actually tossed the bouquet. 
Crazy bridesmaids. 

* * *

Linking up with Lauren for today's Flashback! 

Caitlin said...

Hey! Checking you out via Flashback Friday- love the pics, and I have the same Garmin GPS watch! :)

Alyssa S. said...

How completely awesome are those! I love that they were battle ready to catch that bouquet. Those are some serious ladies :)

Jackie said...

You had me so interested! I wanted to see who got it!!

Emily said...

Those are some determined bridesmaids! And honestly - who could ever get tired of looking at beautiful wedding memories! They are the best.

Lauren said...

hahaha That's sweet that they were so excited. I usually want to HIDE from bouquet tosses until I see some 10 year old standing out there & something short circuits in my brain. I get this "Oh no you don't, honey!!" attitude & instantly want to destroy everything in the way of me getting that bouquet.

Is that weird? You'd tell me, right? haha

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

OHHHH!! I love a good wedding flashback! I used to be a wedding planner back in the day, so I kind of go crazy when I see a wedding post:) You are beautiful!! And I'm happy to meet you from Laurens Flashback Friday! I'm your newest follower! http://www.mammatown.blogspot.com

Corinne Fish said...

Oh great! Thanks for posting THAT picture! goodness!

Amy Nielson said...

that's awesome!! what a fun group of girls :)

Amanda said...

Caitlin-Thanks for checking me out! I LOVE my Garmin watch!

AlyGatr-They were ready for sure :)

Jackie-Good point! I should have posted the picture of who got it. Maybe I'll save that as a follow-up for next week's flashback :)

Emily-They are! I seriously just keep looking at them.

Lauren-No, that's not weird. I do the same thing, actually. I'm going to a wedding next weekend, and I got sad for a second when I realized I won't be going out for a bouquet toss anymore.

Chana-Thanks for following! I think I could have used a good wedding planner at times; there's so much to plan!

Cori-haha! Don't hate me, sister :) That's one of my favorite wedding pics!

Amy-I might be biased, but I think I have the best friends :) They're a lot of fun.