Flashback Friday--Let's Guess


Let's guess what happened to cause this please-stand-awkwardly-in-the-middle-of-the-driveway-and-smile-for-the-camera picture. 

Things we know for sure: 
1. It was either A) a first-day-of-school picture or B) one of my mom's I-need-to-take-random-pictures-of-my-children moments. 
2. Whatever the reason, this isn't a good look for me. I don't know if it's my posture or the shirt or my hair or what, but it's not working. 

So I'm really hoping the story behind this is option B, because the thought of me presenting myself like this for the first time in a new grade at school sort of scares me a little bit. 

Flashback Friday
Carter Clan said...

Cute picture...gotta love those pictures your parents always made you take just because.

Anonymous said...

it's definitely the combo of the shirt and your posture that is hurting you here. your hair is great. that shirt just isn't a flattering fit.


Amy Nielson said...

haha, i have more awkward photos like this than i can count! i think i need to post some too :) love it!

Jen said...

Lol the go to parent shots, lol!