tonight, i made this...


...and then came (read: rushed) home to hang it up and take a picture of it so I could post it on my blog for all to see (read: admire and be jealous). 

Let the Christmas countdown officially begin!

The words were done freehand by me.
The outside wood was painted red. 
The bells were painted on using a small Styrofoam cup for the circle stencil. 
The bells are hanging from ribbon that I hot glued onto the chalkboard.
The snowflakes on the bottom are a snowflake stamp in white paint.
The tree is just strips of ribbon that I hot glued.
At the top of the tree is a felt star.

(P.S. I love being crafty.)
(P.P..S. There were some casualties while making this awesome chalkboard Christmas countdown, including the right sleeve of my shirt, which is now covered in red paint; the right upper leg of my jeans, which got accidentally swiped by my sleeve; and all eight fingers and two thumbs, which are stained an alternative patriotic mixture of red, white, and green.)

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Heidi said...

This is super cute Amanda! And not something I would do in a million billion years. I so do not have one crafty gene up in here. I'll live vicariously through you, if you don't mind. ;)

Lauren said...

Super cute, indeed! I'm sorry about the casualties of your clothing, but I think the holiday cheer will help make up for any losses.