Crown of Thorns


This past weekend my family went camping, and this lovely bush was surrounding our campsite. You can understand why I was nervous walking around after dark. Didn't want to be stabbed by one of these long, sharp thorns.

At one point someone brought up Jesus's crown of thorns and how horrible it would feel to have a lot of those digging into your forehead.

I learned that camping in Texas can be both frightening and theological.

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{Also, for another camping story, go here. It's good. I promise.}

Adrienne said...

I LOVE to camp! Only been in New England and Oregon...way past camping season up here now. And those are some intense thorns...which do get me thinking. Thanks for this!

Carmen and Rachelle said...

Scary looking thorns...but they make a cool picture! :)

Heidi said...

"Frightening and theological." Amanda, I love you. :) Have a super Thanksgiving, friend!

Moments and Impressions said...

Oh man - those are seriously threatening. Are they all that super long and sharp - jeez!