sometimes, it's okay to be proud (where i also do some math)


Allow me a moment to be proud of myself. 

Last Friday night, Jordan and I went to a wedding. So I showered (obviously) and then I dried and straightened my hair. Then I stared at my straight, dry hair in the mirror and wondered how I could fix it in a way that didn't include just letting it hang long down my back in all of its split-ended glory.

So I tried something.
And it worked and looked (in my opinion) awesome. ON THE FIRST TRY.

And because I know it was just beginner's luck and it will never look this good again, I had Jordan take a picture of it.


Then I embarrassed Jordan by taking pictures of myself in the car on the way there. 
He was all "what are you doing? people are looking at us!" 
And I was all "who cares? and they're not looking. they're driving. just like you should be."

But anyway, who is he to talk about embarrassing? He's the one parading around with a creepster mustache (and at a wedding, no less; the place you really should try to be the least creepy).

Apparently it's mustache "Mo"vember... something to do with promoting men's health. I think he's just looking for another excuse to shave his facial hair into something ridiculous.

(ie., the civil war beard he wore all summer long in celebration of the 150th anniversary.)

But showing you this photo isn't really the point.

So what is the point?
*(here's where the math part comes in)

Cute hair > Creepster mustache

Creepster mustache + Cute hair = Mostly cute but also slightly creepy couple photo

The End!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the braid. I'm super impressed and maybe a little jealous. Don't worry, the creeper mustache will be gone after only a month. And I, for one, think it's much less worse (at least in these pics) than the Civil War beard. That thing was just nasty.


Bekah said...

haha my husband is a big fan of movember as well, but cant do it for his job! (im so thankful he cant, haha, for such a handsome guy he looks terrible with a mustache)

very cute hair btw!

Mrs Carter said...

I love your hair! I can't get it done on my own but have been able to do it on my niece's hair. I'm so ready for my daughter to have her hair a little bit longer so she can rock some double french braids. =)

joy ward said...

so cute! I love your hair!
thanks for your sweet comment on my ETC post - I appreciate it!

Amanda said...

@AudraThanks! You can totally do that with your hair, I think. Wait. Maybe it's too short for that... Okay, then. Also, I suppose it's good that you think Jordan's facial hair looks better than before :) hahaha. Thanks, as always, for the comment!


Melissa said...

Love your hair!! I am dying for my husband to grow a beard, but of course he wont. Ps. Your earrings are so cute!

Unknown said...

Hey Amanda! I love the Icee idea!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Also, your hair looks great! I am always doing something crazy to my hair and my husband has begun to love it.