Flashback Friday--Note the Following (circa 1996)


July 1996.

Please note the following:

A) the nerdy, Bigfoot-sized glasses I wore from fourth grade until high school.
B) my Bigfoot-sized bite of hamburger that apparently was photo worthy.
C) the red birthday plate I'm eating off. Which leads me to the conclusion that this joyous photo was taken on my birthday. We always ate off the plate. It says "you are special today" around the outside. It really did make me feel more special. It's the little things.
D) the large bowl of fruit salad, which really isn't important at all except to note that I love fruit salad.

Honorable mention: my faded tie-dye T-shirt. You've gotta look nice for your birthday dinner.

Flashback Friday
Caitlin said...

We had a "you are special today" plate!!! It was white, but it said exactly the same thing, and we also used it on birthdays. I'm sure you think I'm making this up. But I promise I'm not. I did not have huge glasses but my older sister did. The only real problem with that picture is that you used hunt's ketchup and not Heinz (that would be shameful for a Pittsburgher). I like your new banner, by the way!

Amanda said...

haha. I don't think you're making that up...though maybe I do :) we seem to have many things in common. Thanks for noticing my banner! I decided it was time for something new. I'm not super crafty, so I was proud of it.

Jen said...

Fun shot! Love the idea of the birthday plate, what a great tradition!

Annie said...

We have a big, red Birthday plate too! It gets used for other special occasions sometimes, or rarely when all the other plates are dirty and we want to make mom feel special and not terrible because there aren't clean plates. :) But yay big red plate! And we always got to pick our birthday dinner, and we usually went for burgers and home-made fries. I'm almost positive there's a picture of me looking exactly like this floating around somewhere. Big glasses and all. :)

Anonymous said...

My world is rocked. After reading this and then reading the comments, I've come to realize: there must have been more red "you are special today" plates than anyone ever guessed. WE HAD ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I heart this picture. These moments build character and you are still so cute!!