The Triple Baby Book Shower!


First things first, because I don't want any confusion: this was not a baby shower for someone carrying triplets.

It was a shower for three separate but equally lovely friends of mine! I helped co-host the shower along with two other friends on Saturday. We called it a book shower because we asked everyone to bring a few of their favorite baby books to give the new moms. We're editors, so it just made sense. Plus, we obviously hope the kids grow up to love reading.
Unfortunately, the third mom was on bed rest this week and wasn't able to come to the shower. Boo. If you haven't heard, it's dang hot in Oklahoma, so our friend had to stay inside and out of the heat. We made sure to bring the loot to her house after the party ended! 

We made baskets for each mom to take their books home with them.

Shower attendees could write a message and glue it inside the book. 

For party favors and prizes, my talented friend Laura made "book" birdhouses and filled with candy. 

The guests of honor enjoyed going through their books.

Then we ate some food...
And played some games...

Game #1: Guess how many ribbons are in the jar.
The 3 people closest to the correct number (which was 22) got to play in the next game for a prize...

Game #2: Who can suck 2 Tb of milk out of a baby bottle the fastest.
This game was pretty funny to watch. Apparently it is much harder than it sounds.
After a couple of minutes, Kalyn won.

Game #3: Guess the baby food without smelling or tasting.
I kept the tops closed cuz I'm tricky like that.

Game #4: Race to pair the baby socks

Then we ate cake. It was a book cake. 
Harry Potter fans should recognize The Monster Book of Monsters. 
It definitely looks a bit scary, to be honest; but again, we're all editors and it was a book party, so it just makes sense. Plus, Kalyn is a baking genius. 

So that's what a triple baby book shower looks like. It's books and babies. Tripled. 

LeAnna said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the idea of a book shower!

Unknown said...

That cake would have looked so much better if I'd just had the right tip! AND I used an entire bottle of brown food coloring on that icing. It should have been darker than it was. It does look pretty scary.

Tiffani P said...

What a terrific idea for a baby shower - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the monster book of monsters cake! we immediately identified it as such, so good job, BC (who I don't know but apparently you made it based on the comments above). :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! This was such a fun shower.

Laura Morgan said...

Aw yay! Great pics!

Laura Morgan said...

Aw yay! Great pics!

PurpleSlob said...

Baby book showers are the best! What a great idea to do 3 at once! Triple the fun, no more work!!