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this week i am currently...
feeling pretty honored that the ONLY tree in Oklahoma to change colors is right outside my apartment! seriously, isn't this gorgeous? you michiganites can have your forest of beautiful leaves. i'll take my tiny charlie brown tree. (but seriously, fall in oklahoma is stupid. have i mentioned that yet? high of 70 degrees today, people.)

drinking chocolate milk. they (whoever they is) say chocolate milk is good for you to drink after a run. something about your bones maybe? i don't really know, but i've got two half gallons of chocolate milk in my fridge that i've been drinking from straight out of the container. sometimes being an adult is awesome. 

looking for things to take pictures of with my brand-new camera lens! i've been saving up for this beauty since february. it's so much heavier and larger than my 50mm lens. i pretty much look legit now.

i took this picture last night just as the sun was going down. i keep forgetting my new lens has a zoom.

dreaming of showers. like, i actually had a dream about taking a shower last night. i think i might have taken a few showers in my dream. dreaming about teeth means you're stressed out. anyone know what dreaming of showers means? hopefully not something weird.

making meals in my crock-pot. even though it's still 70 degrees in oklahoma these days, you just can't go wrong with dinner in the crock-pot. you get home, and dinner is done! genius.
Sandra Kohlmann said...

The crock pot is perfect when you want hearty, fall food, but it's still warm outside, because it doesn't heat up the whole house, the way the oven does.

Fall here in Wisconsin is pretty amazing, but if it makes you feel any better, it was 69 degrees and sunny here yesterday. Much too warm for mid-October.

two birds said...

i have been crock pot cooking, too. i love it. when i get home from work, i'm at a loss because i have that extra hour!! i love that flag/sunset picture. it's gorgeous!

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

I grew up in the Northeast, but we moved to the South a few years ago. Definitely not as *crisp* fall weather, but it's still beautiful! Lasts a little longer, too. Your tree is a beauty just for you : )

Katie said...

i love the crock pot and need to use it more! that tree is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever used crock pot liners? Someone just introduced me to the idea, and I can't wait to try it out and not mess with cleaning out the pot afterward!

Lindsey @

sara said...

that tree IS gorgeous. and what an honor to have it in your yard! : ]

glad to have found your blog. new follower here!