The Best Apple Pie You've Ever Had


I found this new blog recently, and when I saw this post titled "The Best Apple Pie You've Ever Had," I was like, "Oh snap you didn't."

You guys. I freaking love apple pie.

So of course I spent all night making pie on Tuesday, because that's what I do when I have a "free" night: bake something sugary and delicious while watching The Biggest Loser. 

Oh wait. That's right.
I didn't watch The Biggest Loser because Netflix took it off instant streaming. Who makes these types of decisions? 
I didn't even know what to do with myself, so I decided to watch the first 3 episodes of How I Met Your Mother because I'd only seen one full episode and figured I should finally see what everyone was talking about. People are obsessed with that show. 

Anyway, the pie. 
The key to this pie--what I suppose makes it the best apple pie ever--is this caramel cider sauce that you make by cooking apple cider, dark brown sugar, and butter.

It was pretty dang good. I've made a few apples pies using different recipes, and this was among the best.
Jordan doesn't really like sweets, so basically I made this pie for myself. 
I'm selfish like that. 

Find the recipe here
Come on. It's fall. Apples are pretty much the only fruit that's any good in the fall, and apple pies are basically fail proof. A monkey could make one. True fact.* You will thank me later.

Now please excuse me while I go get another piece. 

*I don't really know if that's a true fact.
Ash said...

Now I really want that pie. I might have to make one this weekend...

Christi Lynn said...

oh that looks amazing!