Tis the Season for Christmas Pictures (and Babies)


Jordan and I aren't taking Christmas pictures this year. Not that you care, but I just wanted to get it out there in case you were waiting for a post full of cute pictures of us. It ain't gonna happen. Instead, I'll give you this:
Rocking my new glasses in style. Word.
(I don't know what's happening to me. 

I'm getting a cold and might be delirious right now. 
Don't listen to anything I say.)
Our decision to not take Christmas pictures seems to not have affected anyone else, and this weekend I took THREE sets of family photos. I have so so so much to learn about taking pictures, and sometimes I really think I suck a lot and I should just stop pretending to know anything. Those are the days I spend looking at other people's photography sites and wishing I could take pictures like them.

But then there are other times where I feel like I'm getting a little better, and those are the days where I don't spend any time looking at other people's photography. 

I think there's a lesson in that somewhere. But now I'm rambling, and no one except Audra is actually reading any of this. The rest of you have skipped to the pictures.

So let's move on.
All three sessions involved children/babies (and 2/3 involved a dog), and man are the kiddos hard to wrangle. See that greenish/blue frame the little boy is stepping in in the above photo? Well, my friend brought it thinking it would make a cute photo prop. 

Clearly the child thought it would be a nice thing to hop through. Am I the only one who thinks this next picture is hilarious?
Children are nuts. N.u.t.s., I tell you.
Not these children in particular. Just children in general.

I also had small babies in family photos. 
Babies aren't going to do things like hop around with your photo prop. But they are going to A) get fussy because they B) need to eat before they C) fall asleep.
Which is exactly how you end up with the following:
But then said baby wakes up for about five minutes, so you get a few awake pictures, and mom and dad are happy. So sweet!
And then, last but not least, there was Albert. 
I wanted to take him home, but I'm told it's bad to steal other people's babies. 
I tried to take an artsy blurred one of the baby holding the leaf in front of his face, but he wasn't having it. Albert just wanted to eat the leaves. (P.S. My friend made the pattern for that baby hat. MADE THE PATTERN. I know crafty people.)
So that's what I did this weekend. Wrangled children and babies and dogs and braved the elements. And by elements, I mean it was 60 degrees on Saturday. Calm down, Oklahoma. I'm just waiting for the cold front to come so we can get another run on eggs at the grocery store. That was when the crazies came out.

What about you? Are you taking Christmas pictures this year?
Anonymous said...

Dude. I totally WAS still reading when you said I was! You know me so well. The pictures are cute and pretty great, but due to the fact that you self-admitted you have plenty more to learn, I have a suggestion. You can only learn so much from scouring photography blogs. Have you ever gone on a shoot with another photographer, just to observe? Or under the guise of helping but really you're stealing all their secrets? Just a thought. You're probably way ahead of me, but it occurred to me while reading, so I decided to share.


PS I'm disappointed because you said TWO out of three included dogs, but I only see ONE dog. :(

LeAnna said...

No, really...those children in particular are nuts. Especially the frame hopping one! Not every day you get to see a little boy hopping through a frame in a winter wheat field. Thanks for everything, friend!

I think the 3mo pictures turned out cute. You did good!

Annnd, that little boy is just PRECIOUS! Oh my goodness, isn't it so much fun when they are little hams who love the camera?!

Lauren said...

Geeeeeeez! Thank you for making Alby look as cute in pictures as he is in person! So excited to see the rest of them!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Your work is great!

We took a few Christmas pictures, we asked Kevin's cousin to just snap a couple of us. They were perfect and free so it worked out great for us!

Amanda Raborn said...

This post is hysterical... love your blog! Can't wait to follow along! :)

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