Marathon Training: Week 2


When I tell someone I'm training for a marathon, they always ask, "Is it your first?" I answer yes with a sense of pride that yes, finally I'm doing the full, not just the half anymore (although the half marathon is certainly nothing to shrug at). This pride is mixed with fear because I have no idea what's going on. Every training run is new, and every mile is one more than I've ever run before in my life. I keep pinning articles to my fitness board on Pinterest that are helping me learn about pacing, cross-training, stretching, and food. (Pinterest is super handy, I've decided.)

I'm running a half marathon next month in Texas as part of my marathon training, but it's weird that this time the half marathon is not the goal but just another training run. And I can't tell you how strange it is to be faced with an 8-mile training run in week 2. Week 2! 
Normally for my half-marathon training, the 8-miler doesn't come until at least halfway through, and it's one of the longest long runs I do. If I follow the OK Landrunners training schedule, I will be doing THREE 20-mile runs. I can't even imagine what 20 miles feels like.

This week's 8-mile run was one of the best runs I've ever had. I had negative splits on every mile except 6, and I felt amazing. I didn't get any cramps or lose my breath or feel like I needed to stop or even slow down. It's the kind of run that reminds me why I love running. Here's how the miles broke down:

I know there will also be terrible runs in the future where I can barely put one foot in front of the other, so I am going to take joy in this run and try to remember how a great run feels.

One thing did happen on my run this morning that I should mention. The blister monster came back, which is always the sign that I need to invest in some new shoes. I have been wearing a pair of Brooks, which I like a lot, so I will probably just get another pair of those.

Check back next Saturday for an update on week 3!
Claire@MyDevising said...

Eesh, sorry about the blister! And wow, those are great times for 8 miles! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah. You need to do something about those bleeding blisters. Ick. Doesn't that hurt really bad? Do they bleed while you run, or after? Do you feel it happening?

And I'm so proud of you. You're gonna rock the full.

Katie said...

i miss training for a race but do not miss messed up feet!! when i trained for the marathon I did 20 miles once. i can't imagine doing it 3 times!!

Unknown said...

I don't know if it bleeds WHILE I'm running or only after, but it doesn't start hurting until I'm finished. It definitely does not feel as bad as it looks, though. It's always the same toe on the same foot. It must rub weird or something.

Jenna said...

You should use Dr. Scholl's blister treatment where you bleed. My heel and toe would always bleed in the same spot irregardless of how new my shoes were. After I started using the pads my feet never bled again! Good luck!