By the Numbers: 2013


Books read: 25

Pages read: 10,676
Book reviews written: 4

Miles ran: 860.8
Time spent running: 133 hours + 16 minutes = 5.55 days
Donuts burned while running: 571
Races completed: 3 5ks | 3 half marathons | 2 full marathons | 1 25k
New pairs of running shoes bought: 2

States visited: Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri
Trips to Illinois: 3
Trips to Texas: 10 = 3,720 roundtrip miles = ~106 gallons of gas = $330
Trips to the lake: 2 | Hours spent sitting in mega hammock: too few

Blog posts written: 206
Tweets: 2,860
Number of times a tweet of mine has been displayed on the OKC twitter billboard: 2
this one + this one

Spent on eating out: $1,200 | Average of $100/month
*Does not include gift cards and ONLY includes eating out for dinner, not lunch
Spent on clothing and jewelry (for myself): $245.48*
*This number is based on what I wrote down on my monthly budgeting sheets. Does not include things I bought with gift cards and birthday money
Spent on race registrations: $262.74
Average monthly savings: $985 ( <-- not too bad considering I didn't have a full-time job for 8 months of the year!)

TV seasons watched on Netflix: 13
Downton Abbey season 3 | The Mentalist seasons 3 & 4 | Sherlock seasons 1 & 2 | Alias seasons 1-5 (you might say I binge-watched this one) | Heroes season 1 | One Tree Hill seasons 1 & 2 (I'm only a little ashamed)

Other TV seasons watched that I own: Top Chef*, Friends, Castle, New Girl
*Any other Top Chef fans out there? I am currently obsessed!

Resolutions completed: 4 (Read about them here)
Number of times I thought I lost my engagement ring: 1
Number of times Jordan thought he lost his wedding ring: 1
Number of flat tires: 3
Jobs held: 5 (2 full time and 3 part time)
LeAnna said...

What a fun way to look back! I think it's really impressive when you total up how many miles you've run, and I'm totally not in to running. But wow, almost 900 miles?! That's crazy! You need to watch Call the Midwife this year, it's good.
Did you get my text? Feel free to tell me if you're not interested. I'm not going to do it without some help, eeeeeek.

Alyson said...

I binge watched Alias (for the second time) this year as well (and might be a little too proud of that accomplishment)!

Happy New Year!

Madison @ Wetherills Say I Do said...

Running almost 900 miles blows my mind. I'll be lucky if I run 2 miles in 2014. Very impressive!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

This is fun! I love that you burned 571 donuts. I think I consumed 571 cookies =) This would be fun to track over 2014. HOW did you track all of this? It sounds like a lot of research =). Good job on a year well done and for persevering during the hard times!

Amanda said...

I used Daily Mile ( to track mileage, hours, and they give you fun stats like the donuts :)

Anonymous said...

Chris and I just binge-watched the third season of Awkward and I'm currently tearing through Teen Mom 3 (really quality MTV programming for the win!). I really want to start watching Sherlock though! Loved this post. So so much. :)


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness. I remember reading When You Decide to Love Anyway. That was definitely one of my favorites!

17 Perth said...

I love this!! Makes me want to see what I've been up Especially financially! Impressed u read 25 books!! Something I hope to do more of!!

Amber Marie said...

You are such a beast! You may be one of the only fellow English majors that I know who is so good with numbers. And looking at running as how many donuts you burned off is probably the best way to recap ever :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love this kind of review! So cool! Also, The Mentalist is my favorite show. Love it. And One Tree Hill will always have a special place in my heart..NO SHAME.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I love how you broke it down! Yes more time needs to be spend in the mega hammock! So impressed you saved that much on average monthly. Congrats on a successful year!

Tracy said...

Yes on Top. Her! I've watched every season except one. Just got back from New Orleans and walked by one of the chefs restraints several times and every time I thought I don't like him, I'm not going in. But when in Washington, D.C. I went to a couple of the chefs and LOVED them.

Jamie said...

This is a very cool way to look back on the year! I am super impressed by your budgeting numbers. I would be scared to see the amount that Austin and I spent eating out in 2013. We love a good date night and usually eat out on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Happy New Year!!

Megan said...

Gee, thanks for the shout-out! I love all the categories you picked (and that neither you nor Jordan actually lost your ring haha ).

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I haven't been reading most year in review posts I've come across but this one was very fun to read!

Unknown said...

Love this post. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, I love how your separate your popular posts into page views and comments. You wouldn't think there would be a difference but for some reason it is.

Elizabeth said...

girl! look at all these numbers! you are organized and thorough! i have NO idea most of these numbers ;) but I love reading through this!!! the bbc Sherlock is the best! i cannot wait for the new season to come out this month!

Courtney Rose said...

I love you and your obsession with numbers and chart and organization madness!! I wish I could remember all of this for myself in 2013! You're too good!

Courtney said...

Wow what a year! I love that you keep track of all these statistics for yourself. So fun!

his little lady said...

What a fun way to review your year! What a great year! Here's to 2014!! :)
xo TJ

Rachel said...

Wow...there would have to be a lot of record keeping along the way for me to be able to figure out these numbers as applied to my own life!! :P I do think that I didn't read much this year...probably less than any previous year of my life. Hopefully more reading in the new year!

Anonymous said...

Great way to review your year!

I've been making my way through the Anne series as well (on Windy Poplars now), and I remember loving Christy when I was younger - I should revisit it this year.


Unknown said...

Awesome roundup of your 2013 accomplishments! I'm really impressed by how much money you've been able to save. Are you saving for anything in particular like a house or vacation?

The Lady Okie said...

Yes! We are saving up for a house :) Hopefully next year!

The Lady Okie said...

Yes you should. I've read it a few times. Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post-by-numbers! Pretty fun to look back at the year like this. I may have to track my stuff for 2014...


Curly Pink Runner said...

what a fun post-- love the by-the-numbers recap!! very cool! EXCELLENT job on your savings!! good work!! :)

Kenzie Smith said...

What an awesome idea! I love it! This was such a fun read :D

Saba said...

I love this! and so bizarre that your year can be whittled down to a series of numbers *sigh*

I've really loved reading your blog this past year. Thank you for your comments on my blog as well - I may not always comment, but I do read the posts you publish. Hoping you have a fantastic 2014!