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I have such a good roundup of things for this post! Hope you enjoy!

This article about having kids in daycare made me just so happy because it is filled with snark and sarcasm and it's just amazing. Just when I start to think everyone on the internet is rude and ridiculous, it's things like this that give me hope.

A month or so ago, I posted on Instagram that I make taco seasoning at home instead of buying packets at the store. I got a lot of questions about it, so in case you're interested, this is the recipe I use. It is a tad on the spicy side, but Jordan and I like it. If you wanted less spice, just use less red pepper flakes and maybe less chili powder also. I quadruple the recipe and store it in a mason jar!

One of my favorite online shops, Minted, is having their 9th anniversary promotion this week! Now through April 3, get 15% off the entire site using the code NINE. They have lovely original fine art prints, and I would love to order baby boy's birth announcement from Minted when the time comes. So, so cute.

I've mentioned before about Ibotta, but if you haven't heard, it's a grocery rebate app where you get money just for buying groceries! Last week they had a $.25 rebate for uploading any grocery receipt. Hello, that's a quarter for doing nothing. Use my referral link and get $10 after your first use!

I was convicted by this post from the author of We Are That Family blog about how your normal isn't the rest of the world's normal. She even offers some tangible ways to help.

In the comments of one of my posts about baby items, my friend Laura recommended a faucet extender. I finally got around to buying one, and so far it's been working great for helping R get closer to the water to wash her hands (with assistance from me and a step stool, of course!).

Okay, I probably only just saw this because I'm not on Facebook, but if you haven't seen the BBC dad interview, watch it right now. Then watch this parody of how a mom would react. Hilarious.

I've become rather obsessed with the gorgeous prints from the Gracelaced shop, and I was excited to learn that she has a book coming out later this year! It's available for pre-order now.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Those blooms just make my heart sing! Our front flowerbed is starting to get a little green and I check every single day for flowers :)
    Definitely checking out some of these links! Thanks!

  2. I hadn't seen the mom parody of the news anchor yet! Hilarious!!

  3. Finally someone else who is NOT on facebook! I thought I was the last one. Loved the daycare article. The girls at my sons daycare treat him like a king which may explain why he acts like the center of attention in a crowd. haha Totally gonna check out your taco seasoning tips. I use those packets like crazy.

  4. The faucet extender is genius! Will have to remember to order one of those. Off to go read how daycare is going to ruin my kid. *insert all the eye rolls*

  5. That blog post about "Normal" was great. I had a really hard time with reverse culture shock when I moved to the States as a college student and began to attend a private university in the southern United States. And honestly, our living conditions in China weren't bad. We had indoor plumbing and concrete floors with sturdy walls and a safe ceiling. We lived in an apartment complex on a college campus (because my parents were English teachers). Our electricity and water usually worked. But every time I walked out the gate of our college campus, I was met with poverty. Very real poverty. In a place without government assistance for stuff like that. This was part of my daily experience for my teen years. So you can understand how I had such a hard time relating to many of the issues of my fellow freshmen. I'll be honest, after nearly 12 years of living in the States I've definitely begun to take some things for granted that I said I would try not to when I first moved back (like having hot water for showers). But living in Memphis (with lots of poverty, poor education, and high crime) have given me lots of opportunities to be reminded over and over again of ways I can help right here and now. And how thankful I am to have the resources to help. Whew, that was a lot. Sorry I'm so long winded in the comments on your blog lately, haha!

    On a much lighter note - that BBC parody is hilarious!

  6. I loved Minted, they always have such great sales and their products are wonderful.

  7. okay, i've always wanted to make my own taco seasoning - we use SO much of it - but i have a stupid question. how long can it be stored? that's what's handy about the store bought stuff, it seemingly lasts forever (which is probably not good) but we go through it so fast i don't need to hold on to it for a year, but you know. just curious. i will check out that recipe.

  8. Wow, that post about "normal" is very powerful and something I think about often! And that's awesome about the Gracelaced book-- can't wait to read!

  9. That IS such a great roundup of things!! We need to try that taco seasoning recipe! And my grandmother and I were just talking about reading books about hard situations (like The Rent Collector) because it's so easy to be in a bubble!

  10. I made my own taco seasoning for the first time a few months ago, and I couldn't believe how easy it was! I also love that you can customize it a little bit!

  11. That article! I'm dying! It's so great! And that faucet extender? What a great idea!!

  12. When we first got married, Angel made some comment at the grocery store which was like, "Umm..Mexicans don't use Taco seasoning mix." :P And then suddenly it all clicked and I never bought another packet. I also never made my own "mix", I just sprinkle on random appropriate spices until it's got the right sort of kick.

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    1. And now I'm feeling the pressure to recommend the next hit product. Trendsetting is hard.


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