Five Movies for Five Moods


If you read Pioneer Woman's blog a week or so ago, then you know I've hijacked this movie post idea. But her post was: "Five Movies I'll Drop Everything to Watch." Mine is a little more specific to my moods.

I wouldn't call myself a hardcore movie watcher or goer. Yes, I both watch and go to movies, but I don't live and breathe them. But when I'm in a certain mood, there are movies that instantly come to mind, and I pop them in without thought.

1) When I'm scrapbooking...

I want a movie that's familiar. I get too engrossed in the task at hand to bother looking at the screen, so I want a movie that I can enjoy listening to. I also need one that is on the mellow side so I'm not jumping out of my seat at the sound of gunshots and smearing black ink all over the page.

...I choose Sleepless In Seattle

Who doesn't love this movie? Who doesn't like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together? Who doesn't like call-in radio shows and true love? 

Added bonus = awesome soundtrack. It's mellow enough to keep me calm but also has some funny characters. (It's also the entire reason I watched An Affair to Remember, but that's beside the point.)

2) When I'm about to take a nap and want a movie to fall asleep to...

I want one that, again, sounds pretty--something familiar that I don't have to pay attention to or worry about missing anything should I fall asleep.

...I choose Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly version)

 The music is beautiful. The story is timeless. And of course there's Mr. Darcy. I love watching this entire movie, don't get me wrong. But it is the perfect movie to fall asleep to, if not only because I get to wake up to the intro song that's playing on repeat on the main menu. 

3) When I'm in the mood for a cheesy, action-packed movie....

I want a movie where stuff is exploding and people are in mortal danger but where in the end I actually don't feel under too much stress. Enter Bruce Willis saying, "Yippiekayay" as he miraculously gets beaten up, blown up, and any other kind of up you can think of. This happens in any of the Die Hard movies, but this one's my favorite:

...Live Free or Die Hard

First, there's Bruce.
Second, there's stuff exploding.
Third, there's tension.
Fourth, there's really no strong sense of danger. In the end, I just freaking love this movie.

[Note: Speed also counts in category #3. Sandra Bullock gets a lot of crap for this movie, but I love it. Now, Speed 2 is a whole other story...]

4) When I'm in the mood for a guilty pleasure...

I'll just say it. Amanda Bynes. I am [mostly] not ashamed to say that I own What a Girl Wants, She's the Man, and Sydney White. 

Okay. Now that I've completely lost your respect, I'll continue. Yes, her face has an odd shape that I can't stop staring at for most of the movie. And yes, her voice is a bit whiny. And yes, she almost never puts her hair in a ponytail, even when she's playing soccer. And yes, all of her movies involve lame high school cheese to the max. And yes it's ridiculous that she's older than me and still playing a teenager half the time. But I still really like these movies. They're hilarious in a lame way, and when I'm in such a mood, she fits the bill.

5) When I'm in the mood for a romantic comedy... 

... I choose While You Were Sleeping. 

This movie is set during Christmas, but I could watch it any time of the year. Here's why:

A) Sandra Bullock is (despite a few bad choices [see: Speed 2]) my favorite. I specifically love her hair. I don't know why. It's weird.
B) It's set in Chicago. They eat hot dogs from a vendor on the street. They walk along Lake Michigan. Enough said.
C)  It's hilarious. There are so many funny lines, and Joe Junior never fails to crack me up. Especially the "leaning" part.

* * *

This is, of course, not a limited list. There are many other movies I enjoy. Lately I've been craving a Lord of the Rings marathon. But for the five moods I've mentioned, these are the movies that first come to mind.

What are yours?

LauraKatie said...

I love this post! And I agree with you about Pride and Prejudice- it is perfect for napping and falling asleep!

Lauren said...

These are excellent choices! I think I'm going to have to try my hand at picking some movies as well.

And, you're right, While You Were Sleeping is amazing. And so insanely quotable.

LHawk said...

I love all these movies—and I own four of them, She's the Man included. It makes me happy.

I think I'll have to blog my top 5 soon. Great idea (taken from PW...but who cares?)

Amy Nielson said...

i love your list! i love every single one of those movies. what a fun post :)

Caitlin said...

I'm starting to get scared, Amanda. Amanda Bynes is my guilty pleasure and I always tell people my favorite movie genre is teenromcoms...usually staring her. Sydney White is the best almost not known by anyone movie. I love the part where she talks about how much time she spends in the bathroom with her crush. :)

Amanda said...

Laura, glad you agree!

Lauren, isn't While You Were Sleeping just the best? I love it so much. And yes! Pick some movies!

Laura, She's the Man cracks. me. up. :) We should watch it sometime!

Amy, thanks! glad you agree with me on the movies. now I don't feel so lame :)

Caitlin, yes! Sydney White is great. Cheesy, but great. I like that part too!